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CHIAVARI — CHICACOLE 763 e capital is luxtla Gutierrez (population, 10,952), about noted since Roman times is made out of a natural stone ' - JlllIes from the river Sabinas and 138 miles from the poit ox i onala. Amongst other towns are Comitan (9316 {lavez). Population, about 4500. mhabitents) Pichucalco (8549), Tapachula (8472) Tener- ?h*Cna®°fe» a town of British India> in the Ganjam japa (7936) San Antonio (6715), Cuitalape (6455) La district of Madras, situated in 18° 75' hi. lat. and 83° 56' Concordia (6291), San Carlos (5977), Ococingo (5667) 0n ?n the right bank of the river Languliya, here Chiavari, a town of Liguria, Italy, province of xenoa, on the coast of the E. Riviera, 23 miles E.S.E. G88n blfi%^idSe/ito?lileS fr0m the sea- Population

(r°m Genoa. It possesses a citadel (restored in 18871* ( 897-98), SOT^I Ks.^/,500. TJ ouU189Formerly ^ I8’304 municipal income the capital of a Mahomthe shrine of the Madonna dell’ Orto, with a miraculous edan province, and afterwards of a British district Several old mosques still remain. The town was famous aSt’lT,000 °f aaribaldi and Mazzi“- Population, ts muslins, but the industry is now decayed. The Chiavenna, a town of Lombardy Italy province Hghthouse of Calingapatam are about 16 Of Sondrio, 6i miles N. from the N. end of ilk Como mSeft station °' l e/°rThe ^ and to nthe East Coast railway has a Its famous beer and wine are kept in cellars hewn out of two y has a municipal high school, the sides of ravines. The pottery for which it has been 1SSning a verna and a club”8 1>reSSeS’ cular newspaper,


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