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SOME CONTRIBUTORS TO NEW VOLUMES OF ‘ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA’ ‘British Fossil Cephalopoda,’ ‘The Geological South Africa to Dr Jameson and Mr Cecil Society of London,’ ‘Astronomical Myths,’ ranea ; author of ‘ Early Christian Symbolism ’; Rhodes. w B*.) ‘Yorkshire Lias,’ etc. (J. F. Bl.) Memoirs of Melise Brownlow, Sir James MarEdwar shall, and Mother Rose Columba Adams, O.P.; EL ARE, Prof. William Phipps, Ph.B. ; d William, C.B., F.S.A., V.P.S.S., V.P.R.S.L.

V.P.' Royal Lectures on Slavery and Serfdom, on Church Director School of Mines, University of Arizona, Archaeological Institute since 1900 ; Chief RegisHistory, on Sacerdotalism, on the Catacombs, and territorial geologist of Arizona; author of and other Archaeological subjects ; trans1fU Friendly Societies 1891; President President of ‘Geological Reconnaissance of California,’ Anthropological Institute,since 1895-97; lation of ‘ Cur Deus Homo,’ and ‘ Vitis ‘Silver Ores and Silver Mines,’ etc. (W. P. B.) L01 h ety 19()1; Forei Mystica. (4. W R. B.) ^m; of?AAnthropoiogy Tv! ’1 of Paris,S>L1901; Associate, Society author BLdNDAL, Sigfus, of the University Library, Sir Thomas Lauder, of Building Societies,’ ‘Friendly Societies,’ BR-UNTON, Copenhagen. (S. Bl.) Sc.D., LL.D. (Edin. and Aberd.), F.R.S.;M.D., phySavings Banks in Ninth Edition of ‘ Encv sician to St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London ; BLOUNT, Bertram, F.C.S., F.I.C. ; conVi ent sulting chemist to the Crown Agents for the author of ‘The Bible and Science,’ ‘Text-Book .U£ ? Societies and Industrial Welfare, History of Royal Society of Literaot Pharmacology, Therapeutics, and Materia Colonies; Hon. President Cement Section of (E. W. B.) Medica, ‘ Disorders of Digestion,’ ‘Lectures on International Assoc, for Testing Materials, BR ture. RD ohn R the Action of Medicines.’ (T. L. B.) Buda-Pesth. (B. Bl.) rI.K.S. ?F°, member ’ ? of. Senate v M D.,ofD.Sc.,F.R.C.P., University of BR r N, BLOWITZ, Henri Georges Stephane London; physician to University Coll. Hospital ? ■^ George Hartley, Sc.D., F.R.S.; Adolphe Opper de$ ‘The Times’ correProfessor of Pure and Applied Mathematics in London; Professor of Materia Medica and the University College of North Wales ; Fellow spondent in Paris; Professor of German at Therapeutics, University College, London • ProTours, Limoges, Poitiers, and Marseilles ; enof Peterhouse, 1889-95

gold medal Inst. Naval fessor Supt. of the Brown Institution; author tered on service of ‘ The Times,’ July 1871; ((j. h. Br.) of papers on medical and scientific subjects in BR Architects, 1901. inaugurated constant telegraphic communicaProc. Roy. Soc. and in Transactions of medical YANT, Hon. Edgar E., LL.D. ; tions and obtained the concession from 9 p.m. societies, etc. (J R B ) Justice of the Circuit Court of Arkansas to 3 a.m. of a special wire for ‘ The Times ’ from 1890-97; author of ‘ Speeches and Addresses,’ 9 May 1874; officer of the Legion of Honour; BR/EKSTAD, H. L. ■ Anglo - Norwegian etc journalist

translator of standard. Norwegian

(E. E. B.) Doctor of Philosophy; officer of the Institute works of France; author of ‘ Feuilles Volantes,’ (h. l:b.) BRYCE, Rt. Hon. James, P.C., D.C.L., ‘ L’Allemagne et la Provence,’ ‘ Le Manage BRAMWELL, Capt. G. A.j School IIvP-’ F.R.S., M.P.’; Regius Professor of of Sigroyal d’Espagne,’ ‘Une Course a ConstantiCivil Law at Oxford, 1870; Under-Secretary of nalling, Aldershot; Deputy-Assistant-Adjutantnople.’ (de B.) State for Foreign Affairs, 1886 ; Chancellor of General for signalling. (G-. a. Br.) Duchy of Lancaster (with seat in Cabinet), 1892; BLUNT, Capt. Charles Jasper, R.A.; BRANNER, John Casper, Prof., Ph.D. President of Board of Trade, 1894; Chairman Chief Ordnance Officer, Guernsey; served in of Royal Commission on Secondary Education, LL.D.

Geologist, Imperial Geolog. Com’ the Chitral campaign, etc. (0. J. B.) 1894 ; member of Senate of London University, mission, Brazil, 1875-1877 ; Agent U.S. DepartBODLEY, John Edward Courtenay, 1893; corresponding member of Institute of ment of Agriculture in Brazil, 1882-83 ; acting M.A. ; private secretary to President of Local President, Stanford University, U.S. A., 1898-99-r ranee, of1891; RoyalcorreAcaGovernment Board, 1882-85 ; secretary to Royal demies Turinforeign and member Brussels,of1896; Fellow of Geolog. Soc. of London and Societe Commission on Housing of the Working Classes, sponding member of Societa Romana di Storia Geologique de France; member of various scien1884-85; author of ‘ France ’: vol. i. ‘ The RevoluPatna, 1885; honorary Fellow of Trinity and tific societies of North and South America; author tion and Modern France,’ vol. ii. ‘The ParliaOriel Colleges, Oxford ; president of the Alpine of numerous publications on Brazil. (J. C. Br.) mentary System,’ (French ed. 1901), ‘ L’AngloClub; author of ‘Emperor and Empife,’ ‘JusWilliam Theophilus ; re manie et les traditions frangaises.’ (J. E. C. B.) BRANTLY, timan,’ ‘Procopius,’ ‘Theodora,’ in Ninth porter of the Maryland Court of Appeals; exEdition of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘The Holy Roman secretary of State of Maryland; author of BOLTZMANN, Ludwig; Professor of Empire,’ ‘The Trade Marks Registration Act’ Theoretical Physics, University of Vienna; ‘ Maryland ’ in Ninth Edition of ‘ Ency. Brit. ’ Transcaucasia and Ararat,’ ‘The American Hon. Member Royal Academy of Sciences, ‘ Law of Personal Property.’ (W. T. B.) Commonwealth,’ ‘ Impressions of South Africa ’ etc Berlin ; author of ‘ Lectures on the Theory of BR Eord (J. Br.) Gas,’ ‘Lectures on Maxwell’s Theory of Elec££?EY UKnight > St 1stJohn Baron, K.C.B.,; BRYDON, D.C.L.

of of Jerusalem J. M., the late; architect; designed tricity and Light ’; editor of ‘ Maxwell’s PhysiCommander of Legion of Honour, 1889; Presivarious Government Offices, Chelsea Town cal Forces.’ (L. b0 ) dent Statistical Society, 1879-80; Civil Lord of Hall and Polytechnic, Bath Municipal BuildHONAR., James, M.A., LL.D.; senior Examiner Admiralty, 1880-83 ; Secretary to Admiralty, ings, etc. (j. m. by.) Civil Service Commission, Westminster ; junior 1883-85 ; Chairman of Opium Commission • BUCHANAN, John Young, M.A., F.R.S. ; Examiner in H.M. Civil Service Commission, President of the Institution of Naval Archichemist and physicist of the ‘Challenger’ 1881; senior Examiner, ibidem, end of 1895; tects, 1893-95; Governor of Victoria, 1895-1900 Expedition; later, Lecturer in Geography, President of Section F of British Association, author of ‘Work and Wages,’ ‘Naval Annual University of Cambridge; author of ‘Lake,’ 1898; author of ‘ Malthus and his Work ’ ‘British Navy,’ ‘British Seamen,' ‘British ‘Mediterranean,’ in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency ‘Ricardo’s Letters to Malthus,’ ‘Philosophy Work and Foreign Wages,’ etc. (Br.) Brit and Political Economy,’ ‘Catalogue of Adam -’ (J. Y. B.) Smith’s Library’ (part), ‘Ricardo’s Letters to BRETT, Michael, Barrister, Middle Temple. BUCKLEY. Rev. James Monroe, D.D., Trower.’ (j. b*.) (M. Bt.) LL.D.; editor of ‘The Christian Advocate’ DALE, C. Fortescue, Barrister, (New JTork); author of ‘Travels in three ConBONNEY, Rev. Thomas George, D.Sc., BRICK Lincoln’s Inn ; author of ‘ The Law and Practinents,’ ‘Faith Healing,’ ‘Christian Science LL.D., F.R.S. ; late Professor of Geology, tice regarding the Registration of Deeds in the and Kindred Phenomena,’ ‘Supposed Miracles,’ University Coll. London ; Hon. Canon of Manetc County of Middlesex,’ ‘Notes on Land Transchester ; Fellow of St John’s Coll. Camb.; , (J. M. Bu.) fer,’ ‘Registration of Title to Land,’ part Hulsean Lecturer (Camb.), 1884 ; President Lieut. Johannes, late of the author of ‘ The Land Transfer Acts, 1875 and BURDE, Geological Society, 1884-86; Boyle Lecturer, German army, 51st Infantry Regiment; author 1897,’ etc. (c. F. Br.) 1890-92; Rede Lecturer (Camb.), 1892 ; Viceof ‘Problems of Applied Tactics, with SoluPresident Royal Society, 1899; author of ‘The BRIDGE, Vice-Admiral Sir Cyprian tions,’ ‘Tactical Problems,’ etc. (J. Be.) Alpine Regions,’ ‘The Story of our Planet,’ Arthur George, K.C.B. ; Commander-in- BURDETT, Sir Henry, K.C.B.; founder and ‘Charles Lyell and Modern Geology,’ TeeChief, China station

member of Committee on editor of the ‘ Hospital ’; late superintendent Work, ‘ Volcanoes,’etc. (T. G. B.) Heavy Guns, 1878 ; of War Office Committee on of the Queen’s Hospital, Birmingham, and of Machine Guns, 1879; of Ordnance Committee, BOSCO, Augustus j Professor of Statistics, the Seamen’s Hospital, Greenwich ; late secre1881 ; Director of Naval Intelligence, 1889-94; University of Rome. (A. Bo.) tary Share and Loan Department, London Commander-in-Chief Australian station, 1895-98; Stock Exchange ; author of ‘ Burdett’s Official BOULENGER, George A., F.R.S., F.Z.S.; author of ‘ Signals ’ in Ninth Edition of ‘ Ency Intelligence of British, American, and Foreign assistant, Dept, of Zoology, Brit. Museum, (C. A. G. B.) Securities,’ ‘The National Debt,’ ‘Local Taxasince 1882; author of numerous works on tion in England and Wales,’ ‘The Patriotic Zoology. (G. A. B.) BRIGHTMAN, Rev. Frank Edward, Fund,’ ‘ Hospitals and Asylums of the World,’ M.A. ; Chaplain Univ. Coll. Oxford, 1884-87 ; BOURCHIER, James David, M.A. ; ‘The Relative Mortality of Large and Small Pusey Librarian, 1884; author of ‘What Obsometime Scholar of King’s College, CamHospitals,’ ‘ Burdett’s Hospitals and Charities, jections have been made to English Orders?’; bridge ; Correspondent of ‘ The Times ’ at a Year-book of Philanthropy,’ ‘ Hospitals and editor of ‘ Liturgies Eastern and Western,’ ‘ The’ Athens. (j. D. B.) the State,” ‘Unhealthiness of Public InstituOxford Library of Practical Knowledge' etc tions,’ ‘ A Practical Scheme for Old Age BOURNE, Gilbert Charles, M.A., D.Sc., r - r (F. E. Br.) Pensions,’ ‘The Registration of Nurses,’ ‘The F.L.S. ; Fellow and Tutor of New Coll. Oxford ; HEY, Capt. F., R.A. ; proprietor and Nursing Profession, how and where to Train,’ assistant to Linacre Professor of Comparative ® U^ editor of the ‘Japan Mail,’ Yokohama; edited ‘ Housing of the Poor,’ etc. (H. Bt.) Anatomy, Oxford, 1887-88; Director, Marine ‘Japan’; translated ‘The History of Japan’; Biological Association, United Kingdom, 1889BURN, Rev. A. E., B.D.

Examining Chapcompiled ‘ An Unabridged Japanese and English’ 1890 ; assistant to Linacre Professor at Oxford, lain to the Bishop of Lichfield ; author of ‘ The Dictionary,’ etc. (p. By.) 1892-1900 ; University Lecturer in Comparative Athanasian Creed,’ ‘An Introduction to the Anatomy, 1898 ; author of various memoirs BROADFOOT, Major William, R E. ; Creeds and to the Te Deum,’ etc. (A. E. B.) on Comparative Anatomy, an ‘ Introduction to author of the Badminton ‘ Billiards ’; edited BURNSIDE, Rev. Frederick, M.A.; Study of Comp. Anatomy of Animals,’ articles ‘ Career of Major George Broadfoot, C.B., in Hon. Canon St Albans ; Rural Dean of HertAnthozoa and Ctenophora, in Lankester’s Afghanistan and the Punjaub,’ etc. (W. Br.) ford

Hon. editor of the ‘ Official Year - Book ‘Zoology,’ etc. (G. C. B.) BROOME, Lady, widow of the late Sir F. of the Church of England’ - compiler of ‘The BOURNE, Henry Eldridge ; Professor of Napier Broome, Governor of West Australia '; Official Parochial Register dr Church Services,’ History, College for Women, Western Reserve author of ‘ Station Life in New Zealand ' etc. (F. Bu.) etc University, U.S. (H. E. B.) (M. A. B.) BURNSIDE, William, M.A., F.R.S. ; ProBOWER, Frederick Orpen, Sc.D., F.R.S., BROOMHALL, G. J. S., editor of ‘Corn fessor of Mathematics, Royal Naval College, F.L.S.; Regius Professor of Botany, University Trade Year-Book,’ etc. (G. J. S. B.) Greenwich. (W. Bu.) of Glasgow, since 1885; author of ‘ A Course of BROWNE Edward Granville, M.A., M.B.; BURROUGHS, John, author of ‘Wake ? Practical Instruction in Botany,’ ‘Practical Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge, and Robin, ‘Signs and Seasons,’ ‘Birds and Botany for Beginners,’ etc. (F. O. B.) Professor of Persian; editor of ‘ The Episode Poets,’ ‘Fresh Fields,’ ‘Whitman: A Study,’ BOWLEY, A. Ii. • author of ‘Elements of of the Bab,’ etc. (E. G. B.) etc. (j. Bu.) Statistics,’ ‘Wages in the United Kingdom in BROWNLOW, Rt. Rev. William Robert BURROWS, Rev. Winfrid Oldfield, M.A.; the Nineteenth Century,’ etc. (A. L. Bo.) [the late], D.D., M.A., R.C. Bishop of Clifton; Vicar of Holy Trinity, Leeds ; formerly PrinBOYD, Charles Walter, B.A. (Edin.); provost, and domestic prelate to Pope Leo cipal of Leeds Clergy School and Tutor of journalist; sometime private secretary in XIII.; co-editor of ‘English Roma SotterChrist Church, Oxford. (W. O. B.)