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SOME CONTKIBUTOKS TO NEW VOLUMES OF ‘ ENCYCLOPAEDIA BEITANNICA ’ Coll., London; Examining Chaplain to the resei Bishop of St Albans ; author of ‘ The English of°u,?^rIdit e rei»atlonal ‘tative of General Council tribution to the Geology and Petrography of Reformation and its Consequences,’ 1 The Bathurst,’ etc. (j. m. feu.) Brussels* " q ™ representative Congress of Advocates, Mussels, 1897, the same Nature and Force of the Common Law,’ 1 Unity, U a er ati0nal Co gress of the Catholic and Papal,’ etc. (W. E. C.) ae .Legislation Comparee, Paris, 1900 • acting d° Llgis iitffin r - £ Societe COXiOMBj Sir John Charles Ready, s* ^ ^rnational Criminal11 Sentences; author ofCommission manv leo-alon D K.C.M.G., M.P. ; author of ‘Protection of social, and political articles. (M_ H 'c ) Commerce in War,’ ‘Imperial Strategy,’ ‘The Distribution of our War Forces,’ ‘Colonial CR DABNEY, Charles Ph.D.; Pres. F Defence and Colonial Opinions,’ ‘The Defence Univ. of Tennessee; William, assistant U.S. Secretary ^dU«lS’ C 1i,lec Vt nBarrister . Inner Temple; of of Great and Greater Britain,’ ‘ Naval IntelliAgriculture, 1893-97, etc. (C. W. D.) rrimLi i ° . “ Statutes relating to A gence and Protection of Commerce,’ ‘The Use and effec^nf ?reatif 011 thTh, e construction r DA£1I?EY> Richard Heath, A.M., Ph.D.; and Application of Marine Forces,’ ‘Imperial Professor of Historical and Economical Science, ‘ (^0”) Federation, Naval and Military,’ ‘British University of Virginia ; author of ‘ The Causes Defence,’ etc. (J. 0. R. 0.) of the French Revolution,' ‘John Randolpli: Paris, 1889; silver medal, Society of Arts

a Character Sketch.’ (r. h. D.) COLVIN, Sir Auckland, K.C.S.L, K.C.M.G., S°ld medal, Munich, 1895; first and nresent C.I.E.; Grand Cordons of Osmanieh and MedErnest M de A S and C afts Bx jidieh; Comptroller-Gen. Egypt; Financial

-A., B.Sc., M.I.C.E., h off Council r - of Society 1888,■ me member Art, (England), Board of M.I.M.E., Assoc. M.I. Nav. Architects; ProAdviser to Khedive; Financial member of lessor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Education, and examiner in Design; Hon. Viceroy’s Council, India; Lieut.-Gov. NorthMember Dresden Academy of Fine Arts • 108 and uB( s West Provinces and Oudh; author of ‘ John Knstmry* ’ ® I Technical College, appointed British Commissioner for the Turin Russell Colvin,’ etc. (A. Co.) n DALE, T. F • author of ‘The Game of Polo, ° ^ Exhibition of Decorative Art, 1902 ; Director of Design, Manchester Municipal COLYAR, H. A. de ; of the Middle Temple, part-editor of Riding and Polo.’ (T. F. D.) School of Art, from 1893-96 (resigned); Hon Barrister-at-Law; author of ‘Law of GuaranDALL, Hon. William Healey, A.M. : tees.’ (H. A de C.) ^ Director Reading College, 1898; Principal p theKoyal College of Art, South Kensington, naturahst, U.S. National Museum; author COMSTOCK, Brig;.-Gen. Cyrus Ballon ; 01 Alaska and its Resources,’ ‘ Tribes of the 1898-99 (resigned); author and illustrator of U.S.A., retired ; Board of Engineers for FortiBab s pe Bab Extreme North-west,’ etc. (W. H. D.) ^'‘ y’s Banquet,’‘ The‘Claims Sirens fications, U.S. Army; chief engineer, Army -*;,1 re0y,’ ° FlorasFeast,’‘QueenSummer,’ of the Potomac, 1862-63 ; President of the M.

late Secretary of of Decorative Art,’ ‘ Renascence, 1891,’ ‘ DecoraEdinburgh Draughts Club. (J. M. M. D.) Mississippi River Commission; author of tive Illustration of Books,’ ‘Spenser’s Fairie DA the ‘Primary Triangulation of the U.S. Lake N EEU d Queene, ‘The Shepherd’s Calendar,’ ‘Line and V ** u THER,:Edwar , Professor Royal Survey.’ (0. R. 0.) form, A Masque of Days,’ etc. (W. Cr.)

  • ir Etudes,’

2;» authorof ‘ Musical Ornamentation,’ Liszts ‘Richard Wagner.’ (E. Da.) CONATY, Right Rev. Bishop Thomas CRAWFORD, Francis Marion: author of J ames, S.T.D., J.C.D.; Rector of the Catholic DA many novels, including ‘Mr Isaacs,’ and ‘Saran George Howard, M.A., LL.D., ]lni| al1 University of America. (4- T. J. C.) cmesca’; and of ‘Ave Roma Immortalis, ‘Life of I i Philosophy, Professor ofCambridge; Astronomy and Experimental Pope Leo XII.,’ ‘Constantinople,’ etc. (M. Cr.) CONWAY, Sir William Martin, M.A.; Fellow of Trin. Coll. Camb.; author of ‘Tides,’ Slade Professor of Fine Arts, Cambridge; Pro- CREAK, Capt. Ettrick William, R.N., NinthT“Edition* of ‘Ency. ajiil. Brit.’ ‘Reports to to fessor of Art, Univ. Coll. Liverpool, 1885-88; x)in G.B., F.R.S. ; late Superintendent of Comif A., on Harmonic Analysis of Tidalxvepuri/S ObservaHon. Sec. Art Congress, 1888-90 ; President of passes, Hydrographic Department, Admiralty tions, ‘Memoirs on the Effects of Tidal the Alpine Club; author of ‘ Dawn of Art in London. (£. w. C.) Friction on the Earth and on the Moon,’ Phil. the Ancient World,’ a series of Climbers’ GuideTrans. Roy. Soc., ‘The Tides and Kindred books to the Pennine and Lepontine Alps, etc., CREIGHTON, Charles, M.A., M.D. AberPhenomena in the Solar System,’ etc. (G. H. D.) ‘ Climbing and Exploration in the Karakoramdeen; author of ‘History of Epidemics in DAE Himalayas,’ ‘ The Alps from End to End ’ ‘ The Britain,’ ‘ Jenner and Vaccination,’ etc. (C. C.) WIN, Leonard, Major, late R.E.; InFirst Crossing of Spitsbergen,’ ‘With Ski and telligence Depu. War Office, 1885-90; served Earl of, P.C., M.A., F.S.A.; President Sledge over Arctic Glaciers,’ ‘The Bolivian CREWE, on several scientific expeditions, including ot the Literary Fund; assist, priv. sec. to Sec Andes.’ (W. M. 0.) Transit of Venus of 1874 and 1882; author of for Foreign Affairs, 1883-84 ; Lord-Lieut. of ‘Bi-metallism.’ (l. D.) COOK, Theodore Andrea, M.A., F.S.A.; Ireland, 1892-95 ; author of ‘ Stray Verses ’ author of ‘Old Touraine,’ ‘Rouen,’‘A History articles on Ireland, etc. DAVENPORT, Cyril James H., F.S.A.; of the English Turf,’ joint-author of ‘IceBritish Museum

silver medal Society of Arts, s rts Santo, M.I.C.E.; the late; author 1900; binding editor to the Anglo-Saxon ReP° -’ (T. A. Co.) CRIMP, Sewage Disposal Works ’; joint author of view; author of ‘ The English Regalia,’ ‘ Royal COOKE, Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe-, Tables and Diagrams for use in designing English Bookbindings,’ ‘ Cantor Lectures on B. A.; author of ‘ A Treatise on the Agricultural sewers and water mains,’ etc. (S. Cr.) Decorative Bookbindings,’ ‘English EmHoldings (England) Act,’ ‘ Four Years in Parliabroidered Bookbindings,’ ‘Life of T. Berthement with Hard Labour,’ ‘A Book about Cider CRITCHELL, JamesTroubridge; London let Correspondent of the ‘ Brisbane Courier,’ ‘North and Perry’; President, National Association of -’ ’ (C. D.) Queensland Herald,’ etc.; authorof ‘ Preliminary English Cider-makers. (0. W. R. C.) DAVE Y Of Fernhurst, Lord, D.C.L., F.R.S.; Enquiry into the Markets of the European Lord of Appeal in Ordinary

Solicitor-General, COOLIDGE, Rev. William Augustus Continent,’ ‘GuidetoQueensland,’etc. (J.T.Cr.) 188b ; Lord Justice of Appeal, 1893. (D.) Brevoort, M.A., F.R.G.S.; -Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; Professor of English CROOKES, Sir William, F.R.S. ; Past Pre- DAVIDS, T. W. Rhys, LL.D., Ph.D.; Secsident of the Chemical Society, Great Britain ; History, St David’s College, Lampeter, 1880-81 • retary and Librarian Royal Asiatic Society; Past President of the Institution of Electrical Corresponding Member of the Swiss Hist. I rofessor of Pali and Buddhist Literature Engineers; editor of ‘ Chemical News,’ President Society, 1891; author of ‘Jura,’ ‘Switzerland’ univ. Coll. London; author of ‘Buddhism’ of the British Association for the Advancement (History, Geography, and Statistics), ‘Tell,’ Jams,’ ‘ Lamaism,’ in Ninth Edition of ‘ Ency. of Science, 1898; editor of ‘ Quarterly Journal ‘Valais,’ ‘Zurich’ in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency Brit.,’ ‘Buddhism,’ ‘Buddhist Birth Stories’ of Science ’; Professor of Chemistry, Training Brit.’; joint author of ‘Guide du Haut Dau’Buddhist Suttas from the Pali,’ ‘Hibber’t Coll., Chester, 1855; author of ‘Assaying’ in phine,’ ‘Guide to the Central Alps of the Lectures,’ 1881, etc. (T. VV. R. D.) Ninth Edition of ‘ Ency. Brit.’; ‘ Select Methods Dauphiny,’ ‘Guide to the Lepontine Alps,’ in Chemical Analysis,’ ‘ Manufacture of Beetroot- DAVIDSON. William Leslie, M.A., LL.D.; ‘The Mountains of Cogne,’ ‘The Adula Alps ’ Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, Aberdeen Sugar in England,’ ‘Handbook of Dyeing and The Range of the Tbdi,' ‘ Guide to GrindelUniversity; author of ‘English Words ExCalico-Printing,’ ‘Dyeing and Tissue Printing,’ wald,’ ‘ Guide to Switzerland ’; editor of ‘ Alpine plained,’ ‘Theism as grounded in Human ‘Kerl’s Treatise on Metallurgy,’ with Ernst Journal,’ 1880-89. (W. a. B. C.) Nature,’ ‘A Philosophical Centenary: Reid and Rohrig, ‘Wagner’s Chemical Technology,’ ‘AuerCampbell,’ ‘Christian Ethics.’ (W. L. D.) M.A., bach’s Anthracen and its Derivatives,’ ‘Ville’s -M.D.; MedicalSydney Inspector,Monckton, Local Government Artificial Manures,’ ‘A Solution of the Sewage DAVIES. A. Llewelyn, B.A. ; Barrister, Board; Member of the Council Epidemiological Question,’ ‘ The Profitable Disposal of Sewage ’ Inner Temple; Assistant Reader in Common Society; author of ‘Vaccination: its Natural ‘The Wheat Problem,’etc. (W. C.) Law under the Council of Legal EdncaHistory and Pathology,’ ‘Bacteriology of tion (A. Ll. D.) Vaccine Lymph,’ etc. (S. M C ) CROSS, Charles Robert, B.Sc.; Professor of Physics and Director of Rogers Laboratory, RAVIES, Henry Walford, Mus. Doc. COR RAD IN I, Enrico; late editor of ‘La Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Director (Camb.), A.R.C.M. (Lond.); organist and Naziona,’ Florence ; author of ‘ La Civia Romof Rumford Committee, American Academy of director of the choir, Temple Church, London anzo,’ etc. (E. Co.) Arts and Sciences. (c. R. Or.) formerly organist and choirmaster, St Anne’s, Soho; teacher of counterpoint, R.C.M.! COTTON, James Sutherland, M.A.; Hon. CROZIER, Capt. T. H., R.A. ; Professor of 1895 Secretary of the Egypt Exploration Fund ; late (H. W. D.) Artillery, Ordnance College, Woolwich. (T. H. C.) editor of ‘The Academy,’ London ; Fellow and John Patterson, Ph.D., A.M. ; Lecturer of Queen’s Coll. Oxford ; author of CRUMP, Charles George, B.A.; of H.M. R-AVIS, assistant in History and Economics, University Record Office; editor ‘The History of the ‘Warren Hastings’ in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. of Michigan, 1894-1895 ; now Attorney-at-Law, Life of Thomas Ell wood,’ ‘The Works of Walter Brit.,’ ‘Decennial Report on the Moral and Nampa, Idaho; author of ‘ The Union Pacific Savage Landor,’ etc. (C. G. Or.) Material Progress of India,’ ‘India,’ ‘ElphiuRailway,’ etc. (j. p. p.) stone,’ ‘ Quinquennial Report on Education in CUNDALL, F.; Sec. and Librarian, Institute DAVIS, William Morris, Professor Physical India ’; editor of ‘ Paterson’s Practical Statutes,’ of Jamaica; author of ‘ Studies in Jamaica Geography, Harvard University; author of The Official Gazetteer of India.’ (J. S. Co.) History,’ ‘ The Story of the Life of Columbus ‘ Physical Geography ’ and numerous scientific and Discovery of America ’; edited ‘ Bibliotheca COX, General Jacob Dolson, LL.D., the publications. (W. M. D.) Jamaicensis,’ etc. (p. Cu.) late ; Governor of the State of Ohio (1866-67); U.S. Secretary of the Interior (1869-70) ; Major- CUNNINGHAM, J. T., M.A.; late Fellow DAWKINS, William Boyd, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S., F.S.A., F.G.S., A.M.I.C.E.; Professor General U.S. Volunteers in the Civil War; of University Coll., Oxford; lecturer for of Geol. and Palaeontology in Owens College, Brigade-Commander under General Sherman in Fisheries, Tech. Instruction Com. of Cornwall; Manchester

geologist on Geological Survey of the Atlanta campaign ; author of ‘ Atlanta : the late Asst. Professor of Natural History, EdinGreat Britain, 1861-69; author of ‘Cave’ in March to the Sea,’ ‘Battle of Franklin,’ burgh

also Naturalist to Marine Biological Ninth Edition of ‘ Ency. Brit.,’ ‘ Cave Hunting,’ etc. (J. D. Co.) Assoc, of the U.K.; author of ‘Treatise on ‘Early Man in Britain,' ‘British Pleistocene Common Sole,’ ‘ Marketable Marine Fishes Mammalia.’ (W. p p ) CRACKANTHORPE. Montague of Hughes, K.C., D.C.L. ; late member General etc the British Isles,’ ‘Sexual Dimorphism,’ DAWSON, George Mercer, LL.D., F.R.S., Council of the Bar and Council of Legal (J. T. 0.) the late ; Director Geological Survey of Canada; Education; late Chairman Incorporated Council Rev. J. Milne ; author of‘Geology Geologist and Naturalist to H.M. North Ameriof Law Reporting ; Honorary Fellow St John’s I CURRAN, of Sydney and the Blue Mountains,’ ‘A Concan Boundary Commission, 1873-75; one of