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SOME CONTKIBUTOKS TO NEW VOLUMES OE ‘ ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1881-84 : at and their Influence on English Education,’ king s College, 1882-86 ; Principal of St David’s Court, Chancery Division, 1877-83 ; Lord Justice Educational Aims and Methods.’ (J. G. F.) College, Lampeter, 1886-88 ; Professorial Fellow of Appeal, 1883-92; Fellow University of London U iv ColL of King’s College, Cambridge, 1888; examining FI r^G:ER^I'I>, Vi ose ce-Adml. Charles 5! London i over Hon. the Fellow of Balliol chaplain to late Bishop of St Asaph, 1887-89 Coll. Oxford; presided Royal Com1 Superintendent, Pemkyar S!!COn<1 in and to Bishop of Ripon, 1889; Hon. Canon of mission on the Irish Land Acts, 1897-98 • • T°f’ command of the Ripon, 1895 ; Chaplain to the Queen, 1898-1901 • author of ‘ Quakers ’ in Ninth Edition of P Life Station,


ing, of SirisoS-iSOD George Try on.’ of(C.‘ Boat C. P.SailF.) Hulsean Professor of Divinity, Cambridge UniEncy. Brit.,’ ‘The Specific Performance of versity, 1887-1901, and President of Queens’ FITZGERALD, J. D. Contracts, ‘British Mosses,’ ‘James Hack (J. D. F ) College, Cambridge, 1896-1901 ; author of ‘ The Tuke,’ etc. (E. F.) Canon of the Old Testament,’ ‘The Early FITZMAURICE-KELLY, James - corre rULTON, Robert Burwell, A.M., LL.D. ; n er 0f the S Narratives of Genesis,’ ‘ Commentary on Ezra Chancellor ol the University of Mississippi * afdho^f < r^ r SP^“ A cidemy E st0 and Nehemiah,’ ‘Philo and Holy Scripture’ etc -Ph Tnf ? 7 deOf Cervantes Spanish Literature,’ author of ‘Mississippi, State’ in Ninth Edition The Life of Miguel Saavedra ’ (H. E. E.’) etc of‘Ency. Brit.’ (R. B. F.) „ ‘ (J. F.-K.) FLEMING, C. J. N.,B.A.; Scottish International toot ball Player; member of Committee of a bcottish Rugby Football Union. (C. J. N. F.) FAIRBAIRN, Andrew Martin, M.A., D.D., LL.D.; Principal Mansfield Coll. OxfordGADOW, Hans Friedrich, Ph.D., Hon. M.A. John Ambrose, M.A., D.Sc., Principal of Airedale Coll. 1877-1886; Chairr. R. S.; Pender Professor of Electrical EngineerCambridge, F.R.S. ; Strickland Curator and man of Congregational Union of England and mg, Univ. College, London; Fellow of Univ. Lecturer on Zoology, Cambridge; British Wales, 1883; Member of Royal Commission Coll. London ; author of ‘ Treatise on the AlterMuseum, Natural History Department, 1880-82 • on Secondary Education, 1894-95; author of author of ‘In Northern Spain,’ ‘A Classificanate Current Transformer,’ ‘Electric Lamps ‘Arminius,’ ‘Independents,’ in Ninth Edition tion of Vertebrata,’ ‘Aves in Bronn’s Animal and Electric Lighting,’ ‘Magnets and Electric of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘Studies in the Life of Christ,’ kingdom,’ ‘ Amphibia and Reptiles,’ and papers Currents, ‘A Handbook for the Electrical ‘ The City of God,’ ‘Religion in History and in in Royal Society Philosophical Transactions Laboratory and Testing Room.’ (J. A. F.) Modern Life,’ ‘ Catholicism, Roman and Angli- FOOTE, Arthur De Wint; Superintendent and other scientific periodicals. (H. F. G.) can,’ ‘ The Philosophy of the Christian Religion,’ etc ol North Star Mining Company, California; GALLWEY, Lt.-Coi. Henry Lionel, (A. M. F.) t/.M.u., D.S.O.; Deputy Commissioner and Member of the American Society of Civil FAIRBROTHER, ‘William Henry, M.A. Consul, Niger Coast Protectorate; Acting Engineers. (A. De W. F.) Lecturer in Philosophy, Lincoln College, Ox- FOREES Consul-General, 1896-98, Oil Rivers Protectorford; author of ‘Philosophy of Thomas Hill ate ; in command of a Haussa company during > Dr H. O., LL.D., F.R.G.S.; ot Museums, Liverpool; author of ‘ADirector NaturGreen.’ (W. H. F*.) operations in Benin country, including capture alist’s Wanderings in the Eastern Archipelago,’ of Benin City, 1897, etc. (H. L. G.) FAIRLIE, John A., Ph.D.; Asst. Prof, of Adetc (H. O. F.) G AB ei,e ministrative Law, Univ. of Michigan ; author of j B. W., editor of ‘Junior Course ‘Municipal Government.’ (J. A. Fa.) FORD, Worthington Chauncey, Public * ot®Practical Zoology,’ ‘ Flatworms and Mesozoa,’ etc Library, Boston, U.S. A.; Chief of Bureau of FARMER, John Bretland, M.A., F.R.S (F. W. Ga.) Statistics, U.S. Department of State, 1885-89, Professor of Botany, Royal College of Science, and of Bureau of Statistics, U.S. Treasury GANNBTT, Henry; Chief Geographer U.S. London ; Demonstrator of Botany, University of Geological Survey; Chief Geographer 10th, Department, 1893-98; author of ‘American Oxford, 1887-92; Fellow of Magdalen College, 11th, and 12th U.S. Censuses; author of ‘ Idaho ’ Citizen’s Manual,’ etc. (W. C. F.) Oxford, 1889; Assistant Professor of Biology, etc., in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.’’ 1892-95 ; author of ‘ Memoirs, chiefly Botanical FORD, W. J., M.A.; author of ‘A Cricketer , “Lotionary of Altitudes,’ ‘Statistical Atlas o’f and Cytological.’ (j. g p ) on Cricket.’ j p^ the U.S.,’ etc. (H. G*.) FARRAR, Very Rev. Frederic William, Alc^e, Litt.D.; Professor of Emile, M.I.E.E., F.S.S.; Manager D.D., F.R.S. ; Dean of Canterbury; Hulsean Romance Language, Tulane University, New GARCKE, ot the Brush Electrical Engineering Co. ; Lecturer at Cambridge j Bampton Lecturer at Orleans; sometime President of the Modern Chairman Elect. Sect. London Chamber of ComOxford ; Chaplain to the Speaker of the House Language Association of America, and of the merce, 1884-88; Member of Council, Tramways of Commons, 1890-95 ; author of ‘Jesus Christ’ American Folk-Lore Society; President of the and Light Railways Assoc.; author of ‘ Manual in Ninth Edition of ‘ Ency. Brit.,’ ‘ The Life Louisiana Historical Society since 1894 ; author of Electrical Undertakings,’ joint-author of of Christ,’ ‘The Life of St Paul,’ ‘The Early of‘Louisiana Studies,’ ‘Louisiana Folk Tales,’ etc Factory Accounts.’ (p. Days of Christianity,’ ‘Darkness and Dawn,’ (A. Fo.) ‘The Bible, its Meaning and Supremacy,' FOSTER, Ernest Arthur; Yates ProClement Le Neve, B.A., D.Sc., GARDNER, etc tessor of Archaeology, University College, (F. W. F.) F. R.S. ; Professor of Mining at Royal School of London ; Director of British School of ArcheFAUNCE, W, H. P A.M., D.D.; PresiMines, London; Examiner in Mining for the ology at Athens, 1887-95 ; author of ‘Handdent of Brown University, Providence Board of Education; Geological Survey of HL book of Greek Sculpture,’ ‘Journal of Hellenic Great Britain, 1860-65; H.M. Inspector of (W. H. P. F.) Studies, many articles on Greek art, archeology Mines, 1873-1901; author of ‘Mining’ in Ninth FAUR, G., of the Egyptian Hall, Lonand excavations, from 1882; joint-editor don Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘Ore and Stone (G. Fa.) of the ‘Journal of Hellenic Studies’ since Mining,’ etc. (c. L. N. F.) 1897 FERGUSON, J. ; editor of the ‘Ceylon FOSTER, (E. Gr.) Hon. John Watson, LL.D. ; Observer,’ ‘Tropical Agriculturist,’ etc.; ex-U.S. Minister to Mexico, Russia, and Spain ; GARDNER, J. Starkie, English Iron Worker author of ‘Handbook to Ceylon,’ manuals and Expert; author of‘English Enamels,’ ‘IronU.S. Secretary of State 1892-93, and Agent of on Coffee, Tea, Gold, Gems, etc. (J. F.) work,’ ‘Armour in England,’ etc. (J. S. G.) the United States in the Behring Sea ArbitraFE Ero tion ^? j Baron Augusto

editor of ‘La (J. W. Fo.) Percy, Litt.D., F.S.A.; Line Iribuna,’ Rome; author of ‘ Nostalgic d’Amore ’; FOSTER, Sir Michael, D.C.L., D.Sc., GARDNER, and Merton Professor of Classical Archeology edited ‘From Florence to Rome; A Political LL.D., K.C.B., F.R.S., M.P. ; Professor of Oxford University; Corresp. Member of the Diary of 1870-71,’ etc. (A. Fe.) Physiology, Cambridge; secretary R.S. ; PresiAcademy of Sciences, Gottingen ; Member of FFOULKBS, Miss C. Jocelyn: translator dent British Ass., 1899 ; author of ‘ Physiology ’ the Archeological Institutes of Germany, of Morelli’s ‘ Italian Painters,’ etc. (C. J. F.) in Ninth Edition of ‘ Ency. Brit.,’ ‘Text-Book Austria, America, Greece, etc.; Assistant at bf Physiology,’ ‘ Lectures on History of PhysiBritish Museum, 1871; Fellow of Christ’s FIDIiER, H.; Civil Engineer, head of Technical ology ’; joint-editor of ‘Scientific Memoirs of College, Cambridge, 1872; Disney Professor Staff Department of Civil Engineer-in-Chief Thomas Henry Huxley,’ etc. (M. F.) of Archeology, Cambridge, 1880; editor of Admiralty ; editor of ‘ A Manual of Construe‘Journal of Hellenic Studies’; author of BOWLER, G. H., Ph.D. Leipsic; late Hon. tion,’ etc. (jj. F.) ‘Corinth,’ ‘Ephesus,’ in Ninth Edition of Secretary, Marine Biological Association, PlyFIELD, Capt. A. Mostyn, R.N. ; F.R.A.S., ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘The Parthian Coinage,’ ‘Samos mouth

edited ‘ The Hydromedusa,’ and ‘ The F.R.G.S., F.R.Met.S. ; has worked for the and Samian Coins,’ ‘Types of Greek Coins,’ Leptomedusa, Marshall’s ‘ The Frog,’ Erichson’s Hydrographic Survey in various parts of the ‘Numismatic Commentary on Pausanias,’ ‘ New ‘Scientific Progress in Entomology.’ (G. H. Fo.) world. (A. M. F*.) Chapters in Greek History,’ ‘ Manual of Greek Francis, M.I.C.E. ; author of ‘On the Antiquities’ (with Mr. Jevons), ‘Sculptured FILON, Pierre Marie Augustin; agregd es FOX, Results of Trials of Varieties of Iron Permanent Tombs of Hellas,’ etc. (p. Or.) lettres ; French Critic ; tutor to the late Prince Way,’ and various papers on ‘Ventilation, Imperial; literary editor of the ‘ Revue Bleue ’; Tunnelling,’ etc. (p. f0 ) GARNETT, Richard, LL.D., C.B.; Assistant author of ‘Le Mariage de Londres,’ ‘Histoire in Library of British Museum, 1851

SuperMajor j head of London Salvage de la Litterature Anglais,’ ‘English Profiles,’ FOX, Cor s intendent of Reading Room, 1875; Keeper of and works on the French and English P(F. J. F.) Printed Books, 1890-1899; edited the British drama. (A. Fi.) FRANKLIN, Fabian, Ph.D. ; editor of Museum Catalogue from 1881 to 1890 ; author ‘BaltimoreNews,’ Baltimore, U.S.A.; formerly FISHER, Alexander; English teacher and of ‘Alexander VI.,’ ‘Anthology,’ ‘Augustan Professor of Mathematics, Johns Hopkins specialist in the art of enamelling; author of History,’ ‘Byzantine Historians,’ ‘ChateauUniversity. (p pR ) technical articles in the ‘Magazine of Art,’ the briand,’ ‘Hazlitt,’ ‘Leigh Hunt,’ etc., in ‘ Studio,’ etc. (A. Fi*.) FRANTZ, Henri; art critic, ‘Gazette des Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘Relics of Shelley,’ ‘Life of Carlyle,’ ‘Life of Emerson’ Beaux Arts,’ Paris. (jj. Fr.) FISHER, George Park, D.D., LL.D. ; Pro‘Twilight of the Gods,’ ‘Life of Milton,’ ‘Age fessor of Ecclesiastical History, Yale; author FREAM, William, LL.D., F.G.S. F.L.S., of Dryden,’ ‘William Blake,’ ‘A History of of ‘ The Reformation,’ ‘ History of the Christian F.S.S.; Lecturer on Agricultural Entomology’ Italian Literature,’ ‘Life of Edward Gibbon Church,’ ‘ The Colonial Era,’ etc. (G. P. F.) Edin. Univ. ; author of ‘Elements of AgriculWakefield.’ (R. (j.) ture, ’ ‘ Soils and their Properties, ’ ‘ The Complete I"ISKE, John, LL.D., the late ; author of ‘ DisGrazier,’ etc. (yf. Fr.) GARNETT, William, M.A., Hon. D.C.L. covery of America,' ‘American Revolution,’ Durham; Sec. Technical Education Board, ‘The Mississippi Valley in the Civil War,’ FREEMANTLE, Commander S., R.N.; London Co. Council; Whitworth Scholar ‘Cosmic Philosophy,’ etc. (J. Fi.) part author of ‘ Nautical Terms and Phrases in (first); Demonstrator in Physics, Cambridge

French and English,’ etc. (S. Fr.) FITCH, Charles H., in charge of the Prof, of Math., Physics and Mechanics, UniIndian Territory Section, U.S. Geological FRERE, Rev. Walter Howard, M.A.; versity Coll., Nottingham

Principal, Durham Survey. (C. H. F.) Superior of the Community of the Resurrection ; Coll, of Science, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; author author of ‘A New History of the Book of FITCH, Sir Joshua Girling, M.A., LL.D.; of ‘Dynamics,’ ‘Energy,’ ‘Evaporation,’ Common Prayer,’ ‘ Notes on the Early History Chief Inspector of Training Colleges, retired ‘ Hydrometer ’ in the Ninth Edition of ‘ Ency. of the Use of Incense ’; editor ‘ Bibliotheca 1894; Treasurer Hon. East India Company, 1856; Brit.,’ ‘Elementary Dynamics,’ ‘Elementary H.M. Inspector of Schools, 1863 ; Chevalier of Musico-Liturgica,’ ‘The Marian Reaction,’ Mechanics,’ etc. (W. G.) the Legion of Honour; Governor of St Paul’s etc. (W. H. F.) Walter, M.A., F.Z.S.; late School, London, and Girton College, Cambridge; FRY, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward, B.A., D.C.L., GARSTANG, Fellow of Lincoln Coll., Oxford; Naturalist in author of ‘ Lectures on Teaching,’ ‘ The Arnolds LL.D., F.R.S., F.S.A., F.L.S.; Judge of High charge of Fishery Investigations, Marine Biol.