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Good Words,’ under Dr Norman Macleod, ‘ Daily News,’ etc. ; founded Gaiety Theatre, 1868; Theatrical Licensing Reform, 1866 and 1892 ; Copyright Reform, 1874 ; author of ‘ Plain English,’ ‘ Underground London,’ ‘ Ragged London,’ ‘According to My Lights,’ etc. (J. Hd.) H OIi ROY D, Charles, F.R. Soc. Painter Etchers ; Keeper National Gallery of Britisli Art (Tate Gallery); assistant to Professor Legros, Slade School of Art, for four years; author of ‘ Michael Angelo and His Works,’ ‘ Etchings,’ etc. (0. Hd.) HOOPER, Franklin H., A.B. ; assistant editor of‘The Century Dictionary.’ (F. H. H.) HOOPER, Wynnard, M.A., author of ‘Population,’ ‘ Statistics,’ ‘ Suicide,’ in the Ninth Edition of the ‘ Ency. Brit.’ (W. Ho.) HOPKINSON, S. D. (S. D. H.) HOSE, C., LL.D., D.Sc. ; Resident intheBoram District, Sarawak ; author of ‘ A Descriptive Account of the Mammals of Borneo,’ etc. (C.H.) HOUGHTON, A. E.; Correspondent of the ‘ Standard ’ in Spain. (A. E. H.) HOUSMAN, Laurence, author of ‘The Writings of William Blake,’ ‘Arthur Boyd Houghton,’ ‘Green Arras,’ etc.; illustrated ‘ Goblin Market,’ ‘ The End of Elfintown,’ ‘The Were Wolf,’ “‘Jump to Glory” Jane,’ ‘The Sensitive Plant. ’ (L. Ho.) HOWE, Henry Marion, A.M.; Professor of Metallurgy, Columbia University, New York; Past President Am. Institute of Mining Engineers; President Jury of Mines and Mining, World’s Columbian Exposition; Bessemer Medallist, British Iron and Steel Inst., and Gold Medallist, Franklin Inst, of Philadelphia, 1895 ; author of ‘Metallurgy of Steel,’ ‘Copper Smelting,’ etc. (H. M. H.) HOWELL, Hon. Clark; editor of ‘The Constitution, Atlanta, Georgia. (0. Ho.) HOWELL, William H., PhD., M.D. ; Dean of the Medical Faculty and Professor of Physiology, Johns Hopkins University. (W. H. H.) HUBBARD, Wilfranc. (W. Hd.) HUDSON, James Fairchild, editor of the ‘Pittsburg Dispatch’; author of ‘Railways of the Republic,’ etc. (J. F. H.) HUGHES, Rev. Hugh Price, M.A.; Pres. Wesleyan Conference, 1898 - 99; editor of ‘Methodist Times’; Past Pres, of National Council of Evangelical Free Churches; author of ‘Social Christianity,’ ‘Ethical Christianity,’ etc. (H. P. H.) HUGHES, Rupert, A .M. ; formerly assistant editor of the ‘ Criterion,’ New York; author of ‘American Composers,’ ‘Gyges Ring,’ etc. (R. Hu.) HULL, Commander Thomas A., R.N., F.R.G.S.; employed in the search for Sir John Franklin, survey of Palestine, Corfu, etc.; late Superintendent of Admiralty charts; author of ‘ Practical Nautical Surveying ’; editor and reviser ‘ The Pilot’s Handbook for the English Channel,’ and ‘The Practice of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy,’ etc. (T. A. H.) HUMMEL, J. J., F.I.C.; Professor of Dyeing, Yorkshire Coll., Leeds ; author of ‘The Dyeing of Textile Fabrics.’ (J. J. H.) HUNT, Rev. William, M.A. ; examiner in History, 1877 to 1880, Oxford ; author of ‘ The English Church, 597 to 1066,’ ‘The Church of England in the Middle Ages ’; editor with E. A. Freeman of ‘Historic Towns,’ etc. (W. Hu.) HUNT, Hon. William H., Governor of Porto Rico; sometime Justice of the Supreme Court of Montana. (W. H. H*.) HUNTER, Sir Robert, M.A.; Solicitor to the Post Office; author of ‘The Preservation of Open Spaces and of Footpaths and Other Rights of Way.’ (R. H*.) HUNTER, Walter, M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E.; engineering director of the Grand Junction Water Works Co., and joint engineer of the Staines Reservoir Joint Committee. (W. H*.) HUTCHINSON, Horatio Gordon, B.A.; amateur golf champion, 1886 - 87; author of ‘Golf’ in Badminton Library, ‘Creatures of Circumstance,’ ‘ The Book of Golf and Golfers,’ 1899. (H. G. H.) HUTTON, Rev. Arthur Wollaston, M.A.; Rector of Spridlington, 1873-76 ; received into Roman Catholic Church by Dr Newman, 1876 ; resumed clerical functions in the Church of England, 1898; author of ‘ Our Position as Catholics in the Church of England,’ ‘ The Anglican Ministry,’ ‘ Cardinal Manning ’; edited Arthur Young’s ‘ Tour in Ireland,’ 1892, Maitland’s ‘ Essays on the Reformation,’ Newman’s ‘ Lives of the English Saints,’ etc. (A. W. Hu.)

Court, 1891; President of Probate, Divorce, I and Admiralty Division; Judge-Advocate-Gen., 1892. (F. H. J.) IDE. Hon. Henry Clay, Member of U.S. Philippine Commission; formerly U.S. Com- JEUNE, Lady ; contributor to leading reviews missioner to Samoa, and later Chief Justice of and magazines; author of ‘ Lesser Questions,’ Samoa. (H. C. I.) etc. (M. J.) ILBERT, Sir Courtenay Peregrine, JOHNSTON, Sir Harry Hamilton, K.C.S.I., C.I.E.; Clerk of the House of ComG.C.M.G., K.C.B.; Special Commissioner, Commons ; formerly Pari. Counsel to the Treasury, mander-in-Chief and Consul-General for Uganda 1899-1902; Legal Member of Council of GoverProtectorate ; explored Portuguese West Africa nor-General of India, 1882-86 ; Assistant Pari. and River Congo, 1882-83; commanded Scientific Counsel to the Treasury, 1886 - 99; Member Expedition of Royal Society to Mt. Kilimanjaro, of Statute Law Committee; author of ‘ The 1884; H.M. Vice-Consul in Cameroons, 1885 ; Government of India,’ ‘Legislative Method and Acting Consul in Niger Coast Protectorate, Forms.’ (0. P. I.) 1887 ; Consul for province of Mozambique, 1888; expedition to Lakes Nyasa and TanganINAMA-STERNEGG, Karl Theodor yika (founding of the British Central Africa Provon ; Professor of Political Science, Vienna; tectorate), 1889; author of ‘ River Congo,’ ‘ KiliPresident of the Austrian Royal Statistical manjaro,’ ‘ History of a Slave,’ ‘ Life of LivingCentral Commission; author of ‘ Outlines of Gerstone,’ ‘ British Central Africa,’ etc. (H. H. J.) manic Philology,’ ‘Economy,’ etc. (K. T. I.-S.) IRVINE, William Fergusson; Hon. Sec. JORDAN, David Starr, Ph.D., LL.D.; President of Leland Stanford Junior University; Record Society of Lane, and Chesh., author sometime Assistant to the U.S. Fish Commisof ‘ Notes on the Ancient Parish of Bidston ’; sion, and Professor of Zoology, and President of editor ‘Liverpool in King Charles II.’s Time,’ Indiana University ; Commissioner and Expert etc. (W. F. I.) for the United States to investigate the Fur Seal Question, 1896-97; author of ‘ Vertebrate Animals of Northern U.S.,’ ‘ Fisheries of North J and Middle America,’ ‘Factors of Organic Evolution,’ etc. (D S. J.) JACKS, Rev. L. P. (L. P. J.) Richard; DraughtsChampion of ScotJACKSON, Lieut.-Col. Louis, R.E.; late JORDAN, land, 1896, and of the World since 1896. (R. J.) instructor in Fortification, R.M.A., Woolwich; instructor in Fortification and Military En- JUDSON, Harry Pratt, A.M., LL.D. ; Professor of Political Science, and Dean of the gineering, School of Military Engineering, ChatFaculties of Arts, Science, and Literature, ham ; Assoc. Memb. of Ordnance Committee, University of Chicago; author of ‘ Europe etc. (L. J.) in the Nineteenth Century,’ ‘ Growth of the JACOB, Francis, M.I.E.E., F.P.S. Lond.; American Nation,’ etc. (H. P. J.) chief electrician to Messrs Siemens Bros, and Co. (F. Ja.) JAMES, Edmund Janes, A.M., Ph.D. ; President North-Western University; late ProK fessor of Public Administration and Director of the Extension Division, University of Chicago; KAN, C. M.; Professor of Geography, Unipast Pres. Am. Acad, of Political and Social versity of Amsterdam ; author of ‘ Holland ’ in Science; author of ‘ Our Legal Tender DeciNinth Edition of the ‘ Ency. Brit.,’ ‘ A History sions,’ ‘ The Education of Business Men,’ of Discoveries in the Indian Archipelago,’ etc. (E. J. J.) editor ‘ The International Colonial Review,’ JAMES, Lionel; War Correspondent of ‘The etc. (C. M. K.) Times ’ in South Africa. (L. J*.) KARAGEORGEVITCH, Bojidar, JAMIESON, George, C.M.G.; Director of the Prince ; artist and art critic. (B. K.) Pekin Syndicate and Yangtse Valley Company ; KEANE, Augustus Henry^ F.R.G.S.; Consul and Judge of Supreme Court, Shanghai, Emeritus Professor of Hindustani, Univ. Coll. 1891; Consul-Gen., 1897-99; author of various London ; late Vice - President Anthrop. Inpapers on the Revenue and Statistics of China ; stitute; author of ‘ Kirghiz,’ ‘Soudan,’ ‘Somali,’ prize essay on Bimetallism. (G. J.) ‘ Yoruba,’ etc., in Ninth Edition of‘Ency. Brit.’ JEBB, Sir Richard Claverhouse, Litt.D., Stanford’s ‘Asia,’ ‘Africa,’ ‘Ethnology,’ ‘Man, D.C.L., LL.D., M.P.; Regius Professor of Past and Present,’ etc. (A. H. K.) Greek, Camb.; Hon. Professor Ancient History, KELSEY, C. H., President of the Title Guaranty Roy. Acad., since 1898; Fellow and Lecturer and Trust Company, New York. (C. H. K.) of Trinity College, 1863 ; Public Orator of the University, 1869; Professor of Greek, Univer- KELTIE, John Scott, F.S.S., F.S.A. sity of Glasgow, 1875-89; Lecturer at Johns (Scot.), LL.D. St Andrews; Seer. Royal Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1892; Member Geog. Soc.; Knight of Swedish Order of of Royal Commission on Secondary Education, North Star, 1898; Hon. Memb. Geographical 1894 ; of Royal Commission on Irish University Societies of Paris, Berlin, Rome, Brussels, Education, 1901; Member of Consulting ComAmsterdam, Geneva, Lisbon, Buda-Pest, Philamittee of Board of Education, 1900; Fellow of delphia, etc.; for several years sub-editor of London University, 1897; Member of London ‘ Nature ’; inspector of geographical education, University Commission, 1898; Bampton LecR.G.S., 1884 ; Librarian R.G.S., 1885; President turer, 1899; author of‘Aristophanes,’ ‘DemosGeographical Section, Brit. Ass., 1897 ; author thenes,’ ‘Euripides,’ etc., in Ninth Edition of of ‘ Finland,’ ‘ Sir John Franklin,’ etc., in ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘Sophocles,’ ‘Electra’ in Catena Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘History of Classicorum, ‘Ajax,’ ‘Characters of TheophrasScottish Highlands and Clans,’ ‘Applied Geotus,’ ‘ Attic Orators,’ ‘ Modem Greece,’ 1880 ; graphy,’ ‘The Partition of Africa’; editor of ‘ Bentley,’ ‘ Sophocles,’ with Critical Notes, ‘Statesman’s Year Book' since 1880; editor Commentary, and Translation ; ‘ Humanism in of the ‘Geographical Journal’; joint-editor of Education,’ etc. (R. C. J.) ‘World’s Great Explorers’ Series, and ‘The Systematic Atlas.’ (J. S. K.) JEFFERSON, Joseph, LL.D.; actor; author of ‘ Autobiography,’etc. (J. J*.) KEMPE, Harry Robert, A.M.I.C.E., M.I.E.E.

principal technical officer, Postal JEKELFALUSSY, Jdzef von Jekel-und Telegraph Dept., England; author of ‘ HandMargitfalva, Dr. Juris, the late; Directorbook of Electrical Testing,’ ‘ The Electrical General of the Royal Hungarian Statistical Engineer’s Pocket Book,’ ‘ The Engineer’s Year Bureau; Member of the Royal Hungarian AcaBook,’ etc. etc. (H. R. K.) demy of Sciences ; edited ‘ The Millennium of Hungary and its People,’ etc. (J. Je.) KENNEDY, Sir Charles Malcolm, K.C.M.G., C.B.; Head of Commercial DepartJENKS, Jeremiah Whipple, Ph.D.; Proment, Foreign Office, 1872-93; Lecturer on Infessor of Political Science, Cornell University ; ternational Law, Univ. Coll. Bristol; CommisMember of the U.S. Committee to investigate sioner in the Levant, 1870-71; at Paris, 1872-86; Trusts; author of ‘Henry C. Carey,’ ‘Road Plenipotentiary, Treaty of the Hague, 1882 ; Legislation for the American State,’ and numerauthor of ‘ Kennedy’s Ethnological and Linous magazine contributions in Germany, Engguistic Essays ’ (editor), ‘ Diplomacy and Interland, and the United States. (J. W. J.) national Law.’ (C. M. K*.) JENKYNS, Sir Henry, the late, K.C.B. ; KENNEDY, Hon. Sir William Rann; Parliamentary Counsel to Treasury. (H. Je.) Judge of the King’s Bench Division of the JERVIS-SMITH, Rev. Frederick J., High Court of Justice; Fellow, and afterM.A., F.R.S. ; University Lecturer in Mewards Hon. Fellow of Pembroke Coll. chanics ; Millard Lecturer, Trinity College, Camb. (W. R. K.) Oxford ; Member of Com. on Explosions, Home KEYNES, John Neville, M.A., D.Sc.; UniOffice, 1895-96; received Medal French Exhibiversity Lecturer in Moral Science, Cambridge, tion for Dynamometer; silver medal Inventions 1884; Member of the Council of the Senate of Exhibitions for Integrator. (F. J. J.-S.) the University of Cambridge; author of ‘ Studies JEUNE, Rt. Hon. Sir Francis Henry, and Exercises in Formal Logic,’ ‘Scope and K.C.B., K.B.; appointed a Judge of the High Method of Political Economy.’ (J. N. K.)