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sound phonological enquiry as the starting point of Etymological research. Little has been done in the study of modern caste or regional dialects. On all these points our researches, we believe, will throw light and be a stimulus to further scientific investigation. As one result, we believe, it will be possible to construct a sound grammar of Telugu, descriptive and historical.

On the literary side, as we said, we hope to stimulate the search for old songs, tales, ballads etc., which exist in manuscript or in the memories of the people. There is, for instance, work to be done in the collation and critical examination of various versions of certain popular ballads. Further we desire experiments in popular metres, in stories, critical essays, scientific writing and in all other forms of composition.

Our programme is large, but no larger than the field of Enquiry warrants. On the side of oriental and particularly Dravidian studies, there is wanting, so far as the Madras University is concerned, a turly critical spirit. At least in Telugu by our treatment of the material available, we hope to show how this spirit should operate.