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THE HALF-CENTURY FROM 1805 TO 1856. 221 Materials for Reference. In addition to the more general histories of India cited ante, p. 199, the following are a few of the leading and easily available works bearing more specially on the half-century (1805 to 1856) dealt with in this chapter. Malcolm's Political History of India from 1784 to 1 823 (London, ed. 1826) ; Life and Letters of Lord Minto in India ; H. T. Prinsep's Political and Military Transactions in India, 1813 to 1823 ; Major Ross of Bladens- burg's Marquess of Hastings, in the ' Rulers of India ' Series ; Malcolm's Memoir of Central India (ed. 1832') ; Cotton's Mountstuart Elphinstone and the Making of South- Western India, in the ' Rulers of India ' Series ; Phayre's History of Burma (1883), and the British Burma Gazetteer (2 vols., Rangoon, 1879-80). Boulger's Lord William Bentinck, in the

  • Rulers of India ' Series, condenses the materials available for 1828 to

1835. Kaye's History of the War in Afghdnistdn is still the standard work on that sad period ; Miss Eden's Journal in India in 1837 and 1838 portrays the social aspects of Lord Auckland's rule ; Lord Colchester's Indian Administration of Lord Ellenborough unconsciously but definitely reveals from Lord Ellenborough's own letters the vainglorious meanness of that Governor-General. The volumes on Lord Hardinge, by his son, and on the Marquess of Dalhousie, in the ' Rulers of India ' Series, with the lives of Sir Henry Lawrence, Sir Herbert Edwardes, and Lord Lawrence, indicate the materials for the succeeding period from 1844 to 1856.