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Messages and Papers of the Confederacy.

Teaser, and other vessels engaged, for their gallant conduct and bearing in the naval combat and brilliant victory on the waters of James River, on the 8th and 9th of March, 1862.

Approved April 16, 1862.

Resolved by the Congress of the Confederate States of America, That the thanks of Congress be, and they are hereby, given to Major Generals Van Dorn and Price, and the officers and soldiers under their command, for their valor, skill, and good conduct in the battle of Elkhorn, in the State of Arkansas.

Resolved, further, That the Congress has heard with profound grief of the deaths of Generals McCulloch and Mcintosh, who fell in the midst of the battle, gloriously leading their commands against the enemy.

Approved April 21, 1862.




Richmond, August 18, 1862.

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the Confederate States.

It is again our fortune to meet for devising measures necessary to the public welfare whilst our country is involved in a desolating war. The sufferings endured by some portions of the people excite the deep solicitude of the Government, and the sympathy thus evoked has been heightened by the patriotic devotion with which these sufferings have been borne. The gallantry and good conduct of our troops, always claiming the gratitude of the country, have been further illustrated on hard-fought fields, marked by exhibitions of individual prowess which can find but few parallels in ancient or modern history. Our Army has not faltered in any of the various trials to which it has been subjected, and the great body of the people has continued to manifest a zeal and unanimity which not only cheer the battle-stained soldier, but give