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"A new edition of this Dictionary having been called for, it is proper to say that the work has been revised, and many inaccuracies of the first edition have been corrected, particularly the references to the different heads. Some new matter also, gathered from the Writings, has been inserted in this edition, and it is thought that the volume may now be found as complete as the nature of the work will admit.

"This volume will be found to embrace all the heads given in the Index to the Arcana Cœlestia and the Indices of the Apocalypse Explained and Apocalypse Revealed, as well as those embraced in the small Dictionary of Mr. Hindmarsh. These heads do not of course embrace all the references and significations contained in those of the Indices, but they are deemed sufficient to enable the reader to gather the general signification or correspondence of words under each head."

The present edition has been both enlarged, and abridged, and it is hoped improved. The enlargement consists mainly in the addition of some 1200 new words, with their signification briefly defined, and references to the works where the explanation is more full. The new words introduced into this edition have been drawn largely from the new Index to the Arcana, by Mr. E. Rich; a work of vast labor, and of inestimable value to the N. C. student, containing as it does an amount of reading matter equal to five volumes of the Arcana. All the Indexes to Swedenborg's other works have also been carefully examined, and the words omitted in former editions are supplied in this. The second edition contained 4,174 words and sentences which were explained.

The present edition has about 5,400. In addition to this, over 400 words have been explained, which before had a reference to some other word for the explanation. Take the following for an example: "Conrucopia. See Horns." In the present edition it is given thus:—"Cornucopia s. truths from good. A. E. 316."

The abridgment can be explained by taking as an example the word "Correspondence," which is repeated some thirty times in less that two pages. By the use of the letter C., to represent the word, this repetition is rendered unnecessary. And so of other words. The following words, as they often occur, are abbreviated thus:—

Signify, s.; explained, exp.; derived, der.; denote, den., correspond,