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cor.; concerning, con.; illustrate, ill.; internal, int.; church, ch.; describe, des.; represent, rep.; spiritual, sp.; opposite, opp.; predicate, pred., etc.

There are a number of words given in Rich's index where the signification is not given; but instead thereof reference is made to the place where the subject-matter is explained. It has been thought best to retain these words, although they do not come strictly within the design of the work.

This revision has taken a large amount of time and of labor, but it has been both a labor of love and of instruction. It has served to make more clear the wonderful broadness and universality of Swedenborg's teachings and example; as well as their adaptation to all the wants and conditions of human society.

The abbreviated titles of the works referred to are retained in the present publication, and are as follow:

Adv. Adversaria
A. C. Arcana Cœlestia.
A. E. Apocalypse Explained.
A. R. Apocalypse Revealed.
U. T. Universal Theology, or True Christian Religion.
C. S. L. Conjugial Love, &c
H. and H. Heaven and Hell
N. J. D. New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine.
D. L. W. Divine Love and Wisdom.
D. P. Divine Providence
B. E. Brief Exposition of the Doctrine of the New Curch.
E. U. Earths in the Universe.
L. J. Last Judgment.
C. L. J. Continuation concerning the Last Judgment.
L. Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Lord.
Sp. Dia. Spritual Diary.
S. S. Doctrine concerning the Sacred Scriptures.
D. L. Doctrine of Life for the New Jerusalem.
F. Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning Faith.
I. Treatise concerning Influx.
W. H. Concerning the White Horse. Rev. xix.
N. Q. Nine Queries concerning the Trinity answered.
G. E. D. General Explication of the Decalogue from Apoc. Explained.
A. T. C. R. Appendix to the True Christian Religion.
S. E. I. P. Summary Exposition of Internal Sense of the Prophets and Psalms.
C. Doctrine of Charity.

Note.一where no title is indicated, the Arcana is intended.