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the celestial kingdom ; and the h. of honorableness, the spiritual kingdom. (Isa. Ixui. 15.) 3960. H. and footstool of Jehovah (Ps. cxxxil. 7) s. the spiritual and natural sense of the Word. A. E. 684. See Tents and Tabernacles. Hadae rep. things ofthe spiritual church. 3268. Hadoram (Gen. xxvii.) s. a ritual of the church called Eber. 1247. Hadradrimmon (Zech. xii. 11) s. the love of honor, dominion, and power. A. E. 707.

Hagar (Gen. xvi.)

s. the affection of sciences of the external man also the life ofthe exterior or natural man. 1890. Hagarenes, the (Ps. Ixxxiu. 6), s. those who are principled in the ex ternals of worship and doctrine. 2488. Hai, or AI, s. light der. from worldly things. 1453.

Hail s. the false principle destroying good and truth. A. R. 714. H. s. the false from evil in the exterior natural principle. 7677. H. of a talent weight (Rev. xvi. 21) s. direful and atrocious falses. A. R. 714. When divine truth from the heavens flows into the sphere which is about the evil, and appears as a storm, formed from the evil affections and thence the falses of their thoughts, then that influx is turned into various things, and into h. amongst those who from evils and falses think against the good and truth of heaven and the church, and vehemently oppose them. A. E. 704.

Hair is occasionally mentioned in the Word, and it therein s. the natural principle, because h. are excrescences in the ultimate parts of man, as also the natural principle is in his rational principle, and the interiors thereof 3301. A h. in the Word s. the least of all things. D. P. 159. Grey h. (Gen. xlii. 38) s. the last of the church, for grey h., when the church is treated of, s. its last (or ultimate); this last (or ultimate) is also s. by grey h. in Isa. xlvi. 4. 5550. See To Comb the Hair.

Hairs of the Head, the Beard, and the Feet. (Isa. vii. 20.) H. of the h. s. the ultimate of wisdom, of the b., the ultimate of intelligence, and of the f., the ultimate of science. A. E. 569. H. of the h. s. the ultimates of love and wisdom; it was on that account that Sampson's strength lay in his h. A. R. 47. H., when pred. of the Lord, as in Rev 1. 14, s. the divine good which is of love and the divine truth which is of wisdom, in the ultimates of the Word. A. R. 47. S. S. 35, 49.

Hairy Garment s. the truth ofthe natural principle. 3297, 3301. Hairy Man (Gen. xxvu. 1 1) s. the quaUty of natural good respect ively. 3527. Half, the, and the double as to numbers in the world involve a sim ilar signification. 5291. Hallelujah den. the joy of heart arising from the worship, confes sion, and celebration of the Lord, eis the only God of heaven and earth.

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be thy Name (Matt. vii. 9) s. to go to the Lord and to him. (See Rev. xv. 4 ; John xli. 28, etc.) The father is hallowed worship in the 'Son, and by angels and men, through the son. (See also John xvii 19-26.) A. R. 839. H. be t. n. is to be understood as relating to the father in his humanity, which is the father's name. U. T. 112. Halo s. the sphere of divine good. 9407. Halt. In the original tongue the h. is expressed by one expression,