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INT. 188 had in infancy, and thus as a true infaut he passes into the other life. 6608. INORDINATE. Sec Order. INSANITY. Such is the i. that prevails amongst the infernal inhabit- ants, that they are desirous of ruling beaven; and some call themselveu God the father, some God the son, and some God the holy ghost; and amongst the Jews, some call themselves the Messial. sanities are want of bonds, which are affections, which close and termi- nate influx. 5145. In spiritual things, they are occasioned by the want of charity and its affections. INSCRIBE. To be i. in tbe book of life, den. that it remains after dcath sucb essentially it had become in the life of the body. 2256. INSECTS arc in the lowest degree of natural affection; fowls of the air in the next degree; and the beasts of the cartb, which were created from the beginning, in the lighest degree. A. E. INSEMINATION, how the, in truths of good, is to be conceived. 4301, 9269. INSERTION of TRUTHS into SCIENTIFICS. Des. 6052. INSIDIOUS, the, in the other life. Des. 827. INSINUATION. Goods and trutlıs ara insinuated into man's affections and thoughts in perfect freedom. 2876-7. INSITION. When good is willed from the heart, flows into the thought, and thus conjoins kuowledges to itself, there is an i. of good in truths. U. T. 598. In- 3938. 3033. INSPIRATION of the WORD implies that in all and singular parts of it, as well historical as others, are contained celcstial things which appertain to love or good, and spiritual things which appertain to faith or truth con- sequently, divine things. 1887, 9094. ÎNSTINCT. The affections of beasts proceed from i., without reason, and lead them to their use. INSTRUCTION. By i. the interiors are formned, and thereby the inter- nals, and are adapted to the reception of the good things of love, and the truths of faith, and thus to the perception of goodness and truth. Things divine flow into those things which are in the natural man, accord- ing to i. and advancement thereby. 3151.

INSTRUMENTAL. Things apiritual throughout the Word, are den. by things i., which are the ultimates of nature.

Instruments, stringed, s. spiritual truth; but wind i., the celestial things of faith. 417-420, 2987. A. R. 276. I. of music according to cor., s. the pleasant and delightful affection of spiritual and celestial things, therefore, also in many of the Psalms of David, it is written and declared how they should be sung; as, upon Neginoth, upon Nebiloth, upon Octava, Schigajon, Gitthich, Muthlabbean, Scheminith, Schuschannin, Machalath. 8337. I. of music have sometimes an opp. or bad sense in the Word, and s. gladness and joy, resulting from the affections of evil and the false. (See Isa. xxiii. 15, 16, and v. 11, 12.) A. E. 323.

INSUFFLATION. The evil have not life, but the i. of the loves of self or appearance of life. 5664 1-2. INSURGENTS den. evils and falses from hell. 10.481. INTEGUMENT. The cxternal is called an i, because it invests and closes in what is above. 9544. 5198. 1802. A. R. 794.