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Baldness s. the Word without its ultimates. A. R. 47. The natural principle, in which there is nothing of truth. A. C. 3301. The deprivation of exterior truth, or truth of the external man. A. C 10199.


(Gen. xllH. 11.)



A. C.

The truth of exterior natural good, and its


which are grateful by virtue of good. A. E. 664. Band, a, conjoining the goods and truths of the church. A. R. 46. Bands of their Yoke (Ezek. xxxiv. 27) are the pleasantnesses of evil derived from self-love and the love of the world. Ap. Ex. ^366. Banquets and Feasts s. conjunction, specifically, initiation to con junction. A. C. 5698. Baptism neither gives faith nor salvationĀ ; but is a sign and testimony s. truths

that the person baptized belongs to the church, and that he may become regenerate. N. D. 203, 207. B. is a sacrament of repentance. A. R. 224. Adults, as well as infants, may be baptized. N. D. 206. The waters of b. s. temptations. A. C. 10239. By washing, which is called b., is meant spiritual washing, consisting in purification from evils and falses, and regeneration is thereby effected. B. was instituted in the place of circumcision, because by the circumcision of the foreskin was rep. the circumcision of the heart, to the end that the internal church might suc ceed the external, which in all and every thing figured the internal church. The first use of b. is introduction into the christian church, and insertion at the same time amongst christians in the spiritual world. The second use of b. that the person baptized may know and acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ the Redeemer and Saviour, and may follow him. The the final use, third use of b., which that man may be regenerated. U. T. 670, 691. See Gales. See Cross. Baptism op John. By a way was prepared, in order that the Lord Jehovah might come down into the wond, and accomplish the work of redemption. U. T. 688, 691. Baptism of the Lord s. the glorification of his human. A. C.








Barak AND Deborah

the truth

of good.

Ap. Ex.

447. See Debo rah. s. those who look towards B.4.EBAEIANS and Enemies (Ps. Ixxil A. C. 249. earthly and worldly things. Bared (Gen. xvi. 14) s. what beneath, consequently, scientific truth, from- which also the rational principle derived. A. C. 1958. Bark s. the ultimate of the stem, exp. D. L. W. 314. Barley cor. to truth and also to the good of the natural exterior prin ciple. A. R. 315. A. C. 7600. B. den. natural good, and meal (farina) Ap. Ex. 153. B. (Isa. xxviii. 26) from b., trath from a natural origin. Ap. Ex. 374. s. truth, and rye the knowledge thereof Barn, or Granary (Matt, xiii.), s. heaven. Ap. Ex. 911. Barren, the, s. those who are not in good, because not in truths, and yet who desire that truths may be In good, Uke as the well-disposed Gen 1









tiles do who are without the church. The b. alio s. the Gentiles who are called to the church, and to whom the church transferred, when the old church perishes that when they, who have been before of the church, Sam. ii. Ps. Ixlii. See are no more in faith, because in no charity.