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THU. 387 state of every iudividual who is a church, nay, so also is the state of every thing which is of the church. 1825 TnrenFoLD PRINCIPLE. In every thing of which any thing can be pred. there is a t. p., which is called, end, cause, and effeet, and these three are with respect to each other according to the degrees of altitude. D. L. W. 209. THresH, to (Mieah iv. 13), s. to dissipate evils amongst those who are of the ehurch. A. E. 16 ThresHING-rlooR. (Gen. 1. 10.) T.-f. s. where the good of truth is, for in a t.-f. there is cor, ancl by corn is g. the good which is der. from truth, and also the trutu of good. 6537 TrinoAT and TONGUE. (Ps. v. 10.) Th pred. of evil, the t. speaking smooth things, of the false." 3527 e t-, an open sepulebre, 13 THRONE, when eocerning the Lord, s., in gencral, the whole heaven, speciically, tbe spiritual heaven, and abstractedly, divine truth proceeil- İng, and, consequently, all things of heaven and the church. A. E. 289. (Rev. i. 4)is. the universal heaven. A. R. 14. T. s. heaven, and also julgment. The t. built by Solomon, of which mention is madc (1 Kings x. 18, 19, 20), s. both royalty and judgment, because kings, when they exucuted judgunent, sat upon thrones. T. (Rev. iv. 2) s. a representation of iudgnent, because the things which John saw werc visions which rep.; they were scen as lhe has des. them, but they were forms rep. of thinga to come, as may appear from what follows, as that there were seen animals, a dragon, a beast, a temple, tabernacle, arlk and many other things; similar were the thingg seen by the prophets. A. R. 229. T. (Rev. xii.。) s. the angelic beaven. A. R. AS, T (Rev. xiii. 2) s, the ehurch as to doctrine, А. E. 783. ThroNE oF THE BeasT (Rev. xvi. 10) s. where faith alonc reigns; t. s. kingdom, and the b., faith alone. T. also s. the government of falsity and evil in the following passages; namely, Rev. ii. 13 xiii. 2; Dan. vii. 9: Hag. ii, 22; Isa. xiv, 18. Α. R 694. THRONE OF DAVID (Isa.İz. 6)s the Lord's spiritual kingdom, A. E. 946. THrusT THroUGH, to be, in the Word, is pred. of the extinction of goods and truths; hence in the rep. church, they who touched one who was t. t., were unclean and on this account inquisition and expiation was made by a heifer. (Deut. xxi. 1-8.) That sueh laws wcre enacted, because by one that is t. t. is s. the perversion, destruction, and profana- tion of the truth of the church, by what is false and evil, is manifest from eingular the things contained therein in the internal sense. 4503 in the external or natural man. A. E. 298 mess thence. In IHebrew language, T. den. integrity. 9905 Inoun and the GrEAT ToE (Exol. xxix. 20) s. the fulness of the in telligence and power of truth from good in the internal or spiritual, and THuMMn and URIM. The word Urim den. lucent fire, and T. bright

Thunder. What the Lord speaks through the heaven, when it descends into the lower spheres is heard as t., and as he speaks through the whole heaven at once and thus fully, they are called seven t. (Rev. x.); for by seven are s. all, all things, and the whole. Wherefore also by t. is s. instruction and perception of truth, and in this instance, the revealing and manifestation thereof. That a voice from heaven is heard as t, when