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it proceeds from the Lord, is evident from these passages; John. xii: 28, 29, 20; Job. xxxvii. 4, 5; 2 Sam. xxii. 14; Rev. xiv. 2; Ps. lxxxi. 8. A. R. 472. Great t. (Rev. xiv. 2) s. the divine good of divine love. A. R 615.

THYATIRA (Rev. ii.) 5. those who are in faith originating in charity, and thence in good works; and also those who are in faith separate from charity, and thence in evil works. This is evident from what is written to the church in T., when understood in the s iritual sense. A. B. 124.

THYINE \VOOD (Rev. xviii. 12) s. natura good, because wood in the Word, 5. good, and stone truth, and t. w. der. its denomination from two, and two also 5. good. A. R. 774.

THYMUS. There are certain well-disposed spirits, who think not by meditation, and hence they quickly, and, as it were, without premeditation, utter what occurs to the thought; they have interior perception, which is not rendered so visual by meditations and thoughts, as with others, for in the progress of life they have been instructed as from themselves, concern- ing the goodness of things, and not so concerning their truth. Such be- long to the province of the gland called thc t.; for the t. is a. gland which is principally serviceable to infants, and in that age is soft; with such spirits a so there is a soft infantile principle remaining, into which the perception of" good flows in, from which perception truth in its common princi le shines forth; these may be in great crowds, and yet not to be distur ed, as is also the case with that gland. 51 72.

TIDAL s. goods. 1685. See Chedolaomer.

TIGERS rep. the infernal cupidities of self-love. T. C. R. 45. Des. of some internally like. 8622.

TILL rm: GROUND FROM WHENCE HE WAS TAKEN, to (Gen. iii. 28), s. to become corporeal as he was before regeneration. 305. To t. the . (Gen. iv. 12), s. to cultivate schism or heresy. 380. A tiller of the . )8 one who is without charity, however he may be in faith separate love, which is no faith. 345.

TIMBREL (Ps. lxxxi. 2) has respect to what is spiritual. 3969.

Tmmuu. and HARP. (Pa. cxlix. 3.) The t. 5. good, and the h. truth. 420. T. cor. to celestial truths. A. R. 276.

TIME. (Rev. x. 6.) There shall no longer be t., s. that there cannot be any state of the church, or any church, except one God be acknowl- e wed, and that the Lord is that God. A. R. 476.

ME, and TIMES, and HALF A TIME (Rev. xii. 14) . to the end and beginning, thus durinw its increase from a few to many, until it grows to its aggointcd growth. 33y a t., and t., and h. a t., is s. the same here as by a Ousand two hundred and sixty days (verse 6) ; the same is also 5. by three days and a half (chap. xi. 9, 10), also by the three years and six months of famine (Luke iv. 25), and in Dam, by a stated time or stated times and a half. when they wil make a consummation of dispersing the hands of the cople of holiness. (Dan. xii. 7.) A. R. 562. In the di- vine idea, andp thence in the spiritual sense. there is no time, but instead of time, state. A. R. 4. The reason why time appears to be something, is owing to the mind’s reflecting on those things which are not objects of afi'ection, or love, consequently, which are irksome. 2827.

Tums, SPACE, and Passos. There are three things in general which