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^ 1720

  • niaiB

Y. Gen. X, 10 (h. text 13N). Targ. Ez. XXVII, 23 (h. text !"]»). Gen. B. s. 37 (expl.13N, Gen.l.c.).— Snh.32 b . Pes.3 b . Tosef. Yeb. XII, 11; Yeb. 102 a . Y. Sabb. I, 3 d . 1p3 I, /or Gen. XVI, 6, read Gen. XVI, 5 T . "'pi I, for Koh. V, 17, read Koh. IV, 17 T . TDpi , Af, for Y. B. Bath. IV, read Y. B. Bath. VI. !!W3i, Hif., for Ps. IXXV, 5, read Ps. XXIV, 5;— add 6) to cawse <o 6ear. Keth. 72 a (wiaa, invito, v. ^sia. h ffiD Ithpe., add 2) to 6e forgotten. B. Bath. 16 a , v. NrVflam. JTWiM, for Num. IV, 1, read Num. IV, 2. "M .4/. add Y. Ab. Zar. II, 41 d bot rrrnnjt, nniw; (not frnin ins, irw iinn) it dropped it. ^tipip, /or Ex. XIII, 8, read Ex. XIII, 18.

  • raap, 'D ii5, v. to?-* ii.
  • »TT]iD f. (b. h. rnhb ; Ihb) buckler.

Num. R. s. 12 3 (ref. to Ps.XCI,4) To to fiaN toj 'bl MiS lb Nlh ... sail) whoever comes to take shelter under the wings of God, to him he is a shield and buckler of truth.

  • &npwi& , wpmsiD , v .

billfipib. "IlD, a/?er to travel as a merchant, add Tanh. Naso, ed. Bub. 27 ; Yalk. Ps. 842 (play on ninb , Ps. XOI, 4) inib l-mm, v. I-I2SI; Tanh. Naso 23 ilbin (corr. ace); Num. R. 8. 12 3 ; a. e. h pb h D, a^d B. Mets. 84*, v. ^fj^b.

  • FpT0, Y.Ter.III,42 b '=1 -nan 'bb,

read : '51 "nan d^b t6 [R. El. Wil. emends tplffi], Epp, /or Deut. XXV, 3, read Deut. XXV, 2.

  • h pbD, B.Mets.84 a , 'b in, v. %>■*.
  • &t232p, v. &*»ai&.
  • ^TE>3»0, v. Tosa-tt.

l^D, /or Ber. 4 a , read Ber. 34 a . 'HflD II, add Nif. into same. B. Kam.Vin, 1 rnnwi hn^h'if the wound was healed, and broke open again; a.e. T?3>, add Pw. law, only with STT12, to be disfigured, decay. Pes. VII, 9 ; ib. 73 b , a.e. 13WFI; Tosef. ib. VI, 6 (ed. Zuck. ID^Sn , corr. ace. ; Var. 12SFI) ; Tosef. Zeb. VII, 6; VIII, 15 "QSrl, "OS^'n. ^P? Pa-, after.— 3) insert: to cause to transgress , force to sin. Bnh. 7i h '=i Nrfna "niasb, v. bap.— 4).

  • !TW I, v. m

T T 7

  • IT1S II (b. h.) pr. n. f. Adah, one

of the two wives of Lamech. Gen. R. s.23, v. 15s I.

  • »"TT5| v. -"W I.

T!?i /or Is.LIX, 5, read Is. LIX, 15. ilbbiS, /or Lev. IX, 10, read Lev. xix, T io. iliiS I, for Tosef. Ber. I, 3, read Tosef. Ber. I, 1. h iiJ> I, /or IChr. XXII, 13, read I Chr. XXII, 14.

  • Dpi3>, Tosef. Maasr. Ill, 14 lapis,

read : ispW, v. XB31.

  • ptS, '5 %^3, v. pn.

^1? j for Gen. II, 20 , read Gen. II, 18. T Itt? Hithpa., for I Chr. II, 24; 26, read I Chr. II, 9; 26. 1 5 ltS' , !S , for Num. XII, 14, read Num. XXXI, 2. T]S m. (b. h.) foal, young full- grown ass. B. Bath. 78 b , v. firrb. T^ II, before— PI., msert Sabb. VI, 1 alii bllJ '3 a golden head-dress with the picture of Jerusalem on it, v. dbi»T

  • D h 53 ; lbS m. pi. (b. h. ; v. dto II)

youth. Ned'. 41 a Traito iai*> lll'ri he (who recovers from a disease) returns to the days of his youth (his sins being forgiven). ObS I, for Ex. II, 15, read Ex. in, 15.' n«£J , /or Lev. IV, 9, read Lev. III, 9.' T ^pS, /or play on Slips, read play on rnsp. CipP^^S, for bipbin&, v. ppeniB, read v. d^pb^iiB. b'HS, /or Ex.XII, 43, read Ex. Xn, 48.. V""}S, a/£er to frighten, add also to /eeZ <Ae strength of, fear. ftrr^W, for I Chr. XXII, 13, read I Chr. XXII, 14. IjOyVlQ, after Yalk. Kings 172, add ; Y. Kidd. I, 61 a i-nia (corr. ace).

  • tfPitfflB, v. twins.

T T J ' T T ; - ^fiB Hithpa., for thinking what the distinction will be which the king is to confer upon me, read thinking, what will be the distinction which the king is to confer upon me? — for thinking what the judgment will be &c, read thinking, what will be the judg- ment &c? ^WS, v. itfwn. !"!| h B, for Ps. XVIII, 22, read Ps. CXVIII, 22. Dpi/B, add— [Yalk. Is. 372 las nixbpJB, read rvistta&Bifjb ■pas, v. iab&pbN.] WO-Wr^S, v. rn^apniis. ♦SttMjTB, v. 6<a«iB. Dli^tibS, for Jet. XXXI, 19, read Jer. XXXI, 20.

  • ST3B f. (n;s) turn.— PI. rrpjs.

Yalk. Lev. 446, v. Sl^B. Pesik. R. s. 33 ID EPUIB 'Bh tola towards which all turns are made ; v. !"IB. DB II, for Ps. LX1V, 31, read Ps. LXVIII, 31. ^p h DB, add Targ. Y. Num. XXV, 1 •jih^p'ibB (not Tirnipre). ppB, Nif., add— 2) to 5e Made to separate, be interposed. Ber. 32 b fipbsJ '31 nalh an iron wall was interposed between Israel and &c. ;— Hithpa., add— 3) to be decided. Pesik. R. s. 40 dsJil '31 pbStia your judgment will be decid- ed on the Day of Atonement.

  • ]i'aSB m. (b. h.; H»6) bell— PI.

dijiaSB. Yalk. Deut. 829. 1*l3'1 ; l3X'nB, /or Gen. XXIV, 1 2, rend Gen. XXXIV, T 12.

  • 31]B m., 2>J. d^aiB, pais (v. sib)

poppy (v. Low Pfl., p. 103). Shebi. II, 7 ; Hall. I, 4; Mekh. Bo, s. 8 (not piB); Sifre Num. 146 (not blSIB).

  • OTaiB, ]WS, v. 11B,