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The following epigram was written on the family's name and crest in the time of Elizabeth

"Dii tibi dent, Bosvile, boves villasque Radulphi,
Nec villa careat bosve vel illa bove."

At what time Cannon Hall became separated from the Bosvile estates Hunter was not able to ascertain. In 1650, the property was vested, he says, in William Hewet, Esq., of Beccles, Norfolk, son of Sir Edward Hewet, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, London. In his notice of the Bosvile family under the Manor of Gunthwaite, Hunter mentions a Henry Bosvile as having been "placed as an apprentice to Sir William Hewet, citizen and clothworker, [London], and his being "admitted to the freedom of his company in the first year of Queen Elizabeth."

By an indenture dated Nov. 25th, 1650, this William Hewet "conveyed to Robert Hartley for £2,900 the manor, farm, and capital messuage called Cannon Hall, with Rowroyd, Jowet-house, Broadgates, five small cottages at Cawthorne, Wilmroyd close, and the tithes thereof."

Hunter gives this as "from a memorandum of Mr. Wilson [of Broomhead Hall], who appears to have seen the original conveyance," but there is evidence some mistake in it, as the properties mentioned were certainly at that time in different ownerships.

In a "Survey of all the plaine lands in Cawthorne as they are now, enjoyed by the lords or their tenants," made in 1649, Robert Hartley's name appears with 233 acres, but it is not stated whether as tenant or owner; while "Mr Huite land" is given with his own name as only 13 acres "in John Shirte's occupation," the name of Michael Hartley appearing as owner of 44 acres, with Mr. Bosvile as owner of Rawroyd and other estates, John Lindley, of Jowet-house, Thomas Pashley, of Broadgates.

The Robert Hartley, to whom this estate is said to have been sold in 1650, died at the age of 29, in 1656, leaving a widow, Margaret, the daughter of John Clayton of Oakenshaw, Esq., Recorder of Leeds, and one daughter, who afterwards became the wife of Mr Joseph Watkinson of Wakefield.