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Chap. I.
of the West-Indies.

the Simoniacal receipt of mony. But Policy can afford an infinite price and value of a Sacrifice of the Mass, to delude the ignorant people, that though they leave their whole estates to enrich Cloysters, and fat proud Prelates and Abbots; yet this is nothing, and comes far short (being finite) to that infinite Sacrifice, which only can and must deliver their scorching, nay broiling souls: And if this infinite Sacrifice be not enough, (which will not be enough, whereas Christs infinite satisfaction was not enough in the opinion of that erroneous Church) Policy will give yet power to a Pope, si divitæ affluant, if mony and rich bribes abound, to grant such plenary Indulgences, which may upon one Saints day, or at such a Saints Altar, work that soul out, which lyeth lurking and frying in the deepest pit of Purgatory. O who is like unto the Beast; But will those that wonder at him, be also wondered at as workers of Wonders and Miracles? Policy will give power to a Pope to Canonize such, and set them at Gods right hand, fit to be prayed unto, and called upon as Judges of our necessities, and Auditors of our wants: But this honour must be given, after that the whole College of Cardinals have been clothed with new Purple Robes, and Loads of mony brought to the Court of Rome; Witness those many thousand pounds, which the City of Barcelona, and the whole Country of Catalonia spent in the Canonizing of Raimundus de Pennafort, a Dominican Fryer; Witness at least ten Millions, which I have been credibly informed, that the Jesuits spent for the Canonization of their two Twins, Ignatius Loiola, and Franciscus Xavier, whom they call the East India Apostle. And it is not seven years ago yet that it was my chance to Travail from Frankford in Germany as far as Milain in company of one Fryer John Baptist a Franciscan, who told me, That was the fourth time of his going to Rome from Valentía in the Kingdom of Arragon in Spain about the Canonization of one John Capistrano of the fame Order, and that besides the great Alms which he had begged over many Countries, (and in that journey went purposely to Inssurg to the Prince Leopoldo for his Alms