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Cover of Book

On the back is the great Tower Telescope of the Mount Wilson Observatory, California, to which reference is made on p. 122.

On the panel is the representation of the billiard-ball experiment on p. 286. The experiment was made by some of the children in the audience, and the author asked one of them to make a picture of it for the book. Without any suggestion from him, she chose to idealize it, introducing some of the zodiacal signs as agents; and seeing that the notion to be illustrated is that of the falling together of stars from different quarters of the heavens, the picturesque change is specially appropriate. Altogether it was felt that no other illustration was so representative of the voyages of the heavenly bodies; and to choose it for the cover was therefore natural.

ICAROMENIPPUS (Frontispiece)

While these lectures were being prepared for publication, the author was privileged to admire various drawings by "Alice (aged 13)" contributed to a magazine of original drawings which makes periodical but rather mysterious appearances in Oxford. It seemed to him that a picture of Icaromenippus, designed by an artist of an age representative of the important part of his audience, would be a welcome addition to this volume. The application was kindly received and in a few weeks' time no less than nine quite different designs were sent, any one of which would meet requirements. The choice was difficult, but skilled assistance indicated the one here reproduced.

A comment on the eternal divergence between Art and Science is suggested. The mere astronomer will no doubt point out that the crescent moon is not limited by its illumination, but is part of a large globe which