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come back to the place you left of old, and take up again the life that you abandonned.

MARY. Never will I resist your wishes again on any point. Whatever you command, I will obediently perform.

AB. Now I see that you are really and truly the daughter that I brought up. And I am going to love you above everything else in the world.

MARY. I have a little money and some clothes. I am ready to do with them whatever you require.

AB. The profits of sin must be cast away with the sin itself.

MARY. I only thought that they might be given to the poor, or offered up on the altar?

AB. I cannot believe that what has been gained by wrong-doing can be a very acceptable gift to God.

MARY. Then I will not entertain the idea any further.

AB. Sunrise is close at hand. The day is dawning. We ought to go.

MARY. Dearest Father, do you, like the good shepherd, go in front of the lamb you have found, and I will follow