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S 78/2003

or a serious incident to another Contracting State by mutual arrangement and consent.

(7) Where the Chief Inspector delegates the task of carrying out an investigation under sub-paragraph (6), he shall to the best of his ability, facilitate investigation carried out by the investigator-in-charge appointed by the Contracting State conducting the investigation.

(8) Where the Minister is of the opinion that it would be desirable for public notice to be given that an investigation is taking place, he may do so in such manner as he thinks fit.

(9) The notice may, if the Minister thinks appropriate, state that any person who desires to make representations concerning the circumstances or causes of the accident or incident may do so in writing within a time to be specified in the notice.

Powers of Inspectors and advisers

9.—(1) For the purpose of enabling him to carry out an investigation into an accident or incident in the most efficient way and within the shortest time possible, an investigator-in-charge shall have the access rights and powers specified in sub-paragraphs (2) and (3) where the whole or any part of the investigation is carried out in Singapore.

(2) The investigator-in-charge shall—

(a) have free and unhampered access to the site of the accident or incident as well as to the aircraft, its contents or its wreckage;
(b) have immediate and unrestricted access to and use of the contents of the flight recorders, ATS records and any other recordings;
(c) have access to and be provided with the results of examinations of the bodies of victims or of tests made on samples taken from the bodies of the victims;
(d) have immediate access to and be provided with the results of examinations of the persons involved in the operation of the aircraft or of tests made on samples taken from such persons; and
(e) have free access to any relevant information or records held by the owner, the operator, the operator’s maintenance contractors and sub-contractors, the hirer, the designer or