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S 78/2003

involved in the accident or incident by a medical practitioner, and if a medical practitioner experienced in the investigation of aircraft accidents is available, by such medical practitioner;
(j) require the crew, passengers and aviation personnel involved in the accident or incident to undergo such other tests (including a breathalyser test) as he considers necessary for the purposes of the investigation; and
(k) seek such advice or assistance as he considers necessary for the purposes of the investigation.

(4) The following persons may, where the whole or any part of the investigation is carried out in Singapore, exercise the rights and powers of an investigator-in-charge specified in sub-paragraphs (2) and (3):

(a) the deputy investigator-in-charge and any Inspector designated by the Chief Inspector to assist the investigator-in-charge under paragraph 8 (5);
(b) any adviser appointed by the Chief Inspector under paragraph 8 (4) to assist the investigator-in-charge, but only to the extent specified by the Chief Inspector.

(5) Every person summoned as a witness in accordance with this paragraph shall be allowed such expenses as the Minister may, from time to time, determine.

(6) Any expenses incurred by reason of anything done by the investigator-in-charge or the persons specified in sub-paragraph (4) in exercise of any rights or powers referred to in sub-paragraph (2) or (3) for the purposes of the investigation shall be borne by the owner or operator of the aircraft and be recoverable from either or both of them.

(7) Without prejudice to the generality of sub-paragraph (3) (k), the investigator-in-charge may request another Contracting State to provide such information, facilities or experts as he may consider necessary for the purposes of an investigation.

Form and conduct of investigations

10.—(1) An investigation shall be held in private.

(2) The extent of investigations and the procedure to be followed in carrying out investigations required or authorised under this Order