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S 78/2003

(g) participate in off-scene investigative activities such as component examinations, technical briefings, tests and simulations;
(h) participate in investigation progress meetings, including deliberations related to analysis, findings, causes and safety recommendations; and
(i) make submissions in respect of various aspects of the investigation.

(3) Notwithstanding sub-paragraph (2), the participation of the accredited representative of a Contracting State other than the State of Registry, the State of the Operator, the State of Design and the State of Manufacture may be limited to those matters in respect of which the State has, on request, provided information, facilities or experts to the investigator-in-charge in connection with the investigation.

(4) A Contracting State which has a special interest in an accident by virtue of fatalities or serious injuries to its citizens may, upon request to the investigator-in-charge, appoint an expert to participate in the investigation.

(5) An expert appointed under sub-paragraph (4) shall be entitled to—

(a) visit the scene of the accident;
(b) have access to the relevant factual information;
(c) participate in the identification of victims;
(d) assist in questioning surviving passengers who are citizens of the expert’s State; and
(e) receive a copy of the Final Report.

(6) An adviser assisting an accredited representative shall be entitled to participate in the investigation under the accredited representative’s supervision and to the extent necessary to make the accredited representative’s participation effective.

(7) The accredited representative, his adviser and the expert appointed under sub-paragraph (4)—

(a) shall provide the investigator-in-charge with all relevant information available to them; and