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S 78/2003

take-off mass of more than 5,700 kg, send to the International Civil Aviation Organisation after the completion of the investigation into the incident—

(a) the Final Report of the incident, if the Final Report has been released; and
(b) the Incident Data Report.

(4) The Final Report of an investigation shall state the sole objective of the investigation as set out in paragraph 3.

(5) The Final Report shall be submitted by the investigator-in-charge to the Minister before dissemination to any State under this Order.

(6) In this paragraph, "Accident Data Report" and "Incident Data Report" mean the Accident Data Report and Incident Data Report referred to in Annex 13.

Publication of reports

15.—(1) The Chief Inspector shall, with the approval of the Minister, cause the report of an investigation into an accident or a serious incident to be made public.

(2) The report shall be made public—

(a) after the Final Report has been sent out to the relevant Contracting States under paragraph 14 (2) (c);
(b) in the shortest time possible; and
(c) in such manner as the Chief Inspector thinks fit.

(3) No person shall circulate, publish, disclose or give access to any draft report or any part of its contents or any documents obtained during an investigation of an accident or incident which is carried out under this Order or carried out by another Contracting State without the express consent of the investigator-in-charge or the State which conducted the investigation unless the report or documents have already been published by the investigator-in-charge or the State concerned, as the case may be.

Safety recommendations

16.—(1) The Chief Inspector or the investigator-in-charge may, at any stage of an investigation carried out under this Order, do the following: