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S 78/2003


(a) recommend to the appropriate authorities, including those in other Contracting States, any preventive action that the investigator-in-charge considers necessary to be taken promptly to enhance aviation safety; and
(b) address, when appropriate, any safety recommendation arising out of the investigation to the accident investigation authorities of the other Contracting States concerned and where International Civil Aviation Organisation documents are involved, to the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

(2) The Chief Inspector shall cause to be communicated to such relevant person or authority in Singapore as he may determine—

(a) the recommendation of preventive action or safety recommendation referred to in sub-paragraph (1); or
(b) any recommendation of preventive action or safety recommendation forwarded to the Minister or Chief Inspector by another Contracting State.

(3) Any person or authority in Singapore to whom or to which a recommendation for preventive action or safety recommendation is communicated under sub-paragraph (2) shall, without delay—

(a) take that recommendation into consideration and, where appropriate, act upon it;
(b) send to the Chief Inspector—
(i) full details of the measures, if any, he or it has taken or proposes to take to implement the recommendation and, if such measures are to be implemented, the schedule for the implementation; or
(ii) a full explanation as to why no measures will be taken to implement the recommendation; and
(c) give notice to the Chief Inspector if at any time any information provided to the Chief Inspector under sub-paragraph (b) (i) concerning the measures it proposes to take or the schedule for securing the implementation of the recommendation is rendered inaccurate by any change of circumstances.