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S 78/2003


"Contracting State" means any State which is a party to the Chicago Convention;

"Final Report" means a report of an accident or incident in the format set out in Annex 13 and which may be adapted to the circumstances of the accident or incident under investigation;

"flight recorder" means any type of recorder installed in the aircraft for the purpose of complementing accident or incident investigation;

"flying display" means a civilian organised event (including any rehearsal for such event) which—

(a) consists, wholly or partly, of an exhibition of flying of any civil or military aircraft; and
(b) takes place at an aerodrome or premises other than a naval, military or air force aerodrome or premises;

"incident" means an occurrence, other than an accident, associated with the operation of an aircraft which affects or could affect the safety of such operation;

"Inspector" means an Inspector of Accidents appointed under paragraph 7 (1);

"investigator-in-charge" means a person designated by the Chief Inspector as such under paragraph 8 (3) and charged with the responsibility for the organisation, conduct and control of an investigation;

"military aircraft" means an aircraft belonging to—

(a) the Singapore Armed Forces; or
(b) any of the naval, military or air forces of any State;

"Non-contracting State" means any State which is not a party to the Chicago Convention;

"operator" means a person engaged in or offering to engage in aircraft operation;

"owner", in relation to an aircraft which is registered, means the registered owner of the aircraft;