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S 78/2003

"pilot-in-command", in relation to an aircraft, means a person who for the time being is in charge of the piloting of the aircraft without being under the direction of any other pilot in the aircraft;

"Preliminary Report" means the communication used for the prompt dissemination of data obtained during the early stages of an investigation;

"safety recommendation" means a proposal of the Chief Inspector, investigator-in-charge or the accident investigation authority of a State conducting an investigation which is based on information derived from the investigation and made with the intention of preventing accidents or incidents;

"serious incident" means an incident involving circumstances indicating that an accident nearly occurred, examples of which include those listed in the Schedule;

"serious injury", in relation to a person, means an injury which—

(a) requires hospitalisation for a period of more than 48 hours, such period commencing within 7 days from the date of the injury;
(b) results in a fracture of any bone other than a simple fracture of any finger or toe or the nose;
(c) involves lacerations which cause severe haemorrhage or nerve, muscle or tendon damage;
(d) involves injury to any internal organ;
(e) involves second or third degree burns or any burns affecting more than 5% of the surface of the body; or
(f) involves verified exposure to infectious substances or injurious radiation;

"Singapore aircraft" means an aircraft that is registered in Singapore;

"Singapore operator" means an operator whose principal place of business is located, or whose permanent residence is, in Singapore;

"State of Design" means the State having jurisdiction over the organisation responsible for the type design of the aircraft;