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S 78/2003

(ii) if the aircraft is of a maximum certificated take-off mass of more than 2,250 kg, the International Civil Aviation Organisation;
(b) inform the States referred to in sub-paragraph (a) (i) either in the communication forwarding the notification or as soon as practicable—
(i) as to whether, and, if so, the extent to which an investigation will be conducted or is proposed to be delegated to another Contracting State; and
(ii) as to the means by which he and the investigator-incharge may be contacted; and
(c) as soon as it is practicable to do so, provide the States referred to in sub-paragraph (a) (i) with any other information referred to in paragraph 4 (2) which becomes subsequently available to the Chief Inspector and any other known relevant information pertaining to the accident or serious incident.

(2) Upon receipt of a notification of an accident or a serious incident which occurs outside Singapore involving a Singapore aircraft or an aircraft operated by a Singapore operator, the Chief Inspector shall do the following:

(a) acknowledge receipt of the notification;
(b) where the State of Occurrence, the State of Registry or the State of the Operator which is investigating the accident or serious incident is a Contracting State, provide the State with the following information with the least possible delay:
(i) any relevant information he has regarding the aircraft and flight crew involved in the accident or serious incident; and
(ii) if Singapore is the State of the Operator, details of any dangerous goods on board the aircraft; and
(c) inform the State referred to in sub-paragraph (b)—
(i) whether the Minister intends to appoint or has appointed an accredited representative; and
(ii) if such accredited representative will be or has been appointed and will be travelling to the State in which the investigation is being carried out, the contact