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Thomas Bellas.
Henry A. S. Bence.

Bellas, Thomas, s. Richard, of Brampton, Westmoreland, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 24 Oct., 1758, aged 18; B.A. 1762, M.A. 1766.

Bellas, Thomas, s. Richard, of Brampton, Westmoreland, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 31 May, 1809, aged 19; B.A. 1813, M.A. 1816, vicar of St. Michael's, Bongate, 1823, until his death 15 March, 1880.

Bellasis, George, s. Joseph Bellas, of Long Marton, Westmoreland, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 27 Nov., 1749, aged 18; B.A. 1753, M.A. 1756, B. & D.D. 1767, rector of Yattendon, vicar of Basilden and Ashampstead, Berks, altered the spelling of his name by warrant 29 May, 1792, died 24 Jan., 1802, father of Edward Bellasis, serj.-at-law.

Bellasis, George Hutchins, s. John, of Bombay, East Indies, arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 29 Jan., 1798, aged 19; of Holly Hill, Bowness, died 4 Jan., 1822.

Bellasis, Joseph Harvey, s. George (Bellasis), of Yattenden, Berks, doctor. Queen's Coll., matric. 12 July, 1775, aged 16; colonel E.I.C.S., killed at the head of his regiment in storming a fort near Lahore, Dec, 1799. See Foster's Yorkshire Collection.


Bellerby, Edward Johnson, 1s. William Benson, of Pickering, Yorks, gent. New Coll., matric. 5 Feb., 1877, aged 18; Mus. Bac. 1879.

Bellers, Simon, s. John, of co. Worcester, pleb. St. John's Coll., matric. 29 Oct., 1731, aged 19.

Bellers, William, 'illuminator,' 'privilegiatus,' 9 April, 1734.

Bellett, George, 1s. George, of Bridgnorth, Salop, cler. Christ Church, matric. 18 Oct., 1854, aged 19; B.A. 1859, M.A. 1861.

Bellett, Rev. Henry Richard, 4s. George, of Bridgnorth, Salop, cler. St. Alban Hall, matric. 2 May, 1865, aged 18; B.A. 1869.


Bellett, Rev. John Crosthwaite, o.s. Thomas, of Bandon, Ireland, cler. Pembroke Coll., matric. 30 May, 1849, aged 19; B.A. 1854, M.A. 1856.

Bellett, Richard (Baron), s. Thomas, of Batheaston, Somerset, gent. St. John's Coll., matric. 9 Feb. 1795, aged 17; B.A. 1798.

Bellew, John, s. John, of Barnstable, Devon, gent. St. Mary Hall, matric. 27 Oct., 1784, aged 17.

Bellew, John, 1s. William, of Exeter (city), gent. Magdalen Hall, matric. 30 Nov., 1821, aged 18.


Bellew, John Chippendall (Montesquieu), 1s. Robert Higgin, of Lancaster (town), arm. St. Mary Hall, matric. 9 Feb., 1843, aged 19; chaplain of St. John's Cathedral, Calcutta, 1851, minister of St. Mark's, Hamilton Terrace, 1857-62, and of Bedford Chapel, Bloomsbury, 1862-8, a well-known public reader, assumed the surname of Bellew in lieu of Higgin 1845, died 19 June, 1874, father of Kyrle Bellew, actor. See Foster's Peerage, B. Bellew.

Bellew, Thomas, s. William, of Cheriton, Devon, arm. Oriel Coll., matric. 21 Oct., 1774, aged 18.

Bellewes, George Oliver, 1s. George, of Blackheath, Kent, cler. Brasenose Coll., matric. 22 Oct., 1880, aged 18; B.A. 1884, M.A. 1887, bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 7 July, 1886.

Bellhouse, Albert Turner, 5s. William, of Manchester, gent. Oriel Coll., matric. 20 Oct., 1860, aged 18; B.A. 1864, M.A. 1867.

Bellhouse, Charles Hatton, 1s. James, of Manchester, arm. Oriel Coll., matric. 14 Oct., 1864, aged 19.

Bellhouse, Walter, 1s. Ernest, of Altrincham, Cheshire, gent. Magdalen Coll., matric. 23 Oct., 1885, aged 18.


Belli, Charles Almeric, s. John, of Bath (city), arm. Christ Church, matric. 8 June, 1810, aged 18; B.A. 1814, M.A. 1816, rector of Pagglesham, 1822-60, vicar of South Weald, Essex, 1823-77, precentor St. Paul's Cathedral, 1819, died 6 Jan., 1886. See Alumni West.

Belli, Frederick Macquoid, 4s. William Hallowes, of Hoogley, East Indies, arm. Christ Church, matric. 16 June, 1859, aged 19.

Bellingham, Henry Alan, 1s. Alan, of Castle Bellingham, co. Louth, Bart. Exeter Coll., matric. 14 Oct., 1865, aged 19; B.A. 1869, M.A. 1873, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 17 Nov., 1875, M.P. co. Louth, 1880, private chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII. See Foster's Baronetage.

Bellis, James Robert, s. Francis William, of Bombay, East Indies, arm. Wadham Coll., matric. 14 Jan., 1804, aged 18.

Bellis, William Russell, s. Francis William, of Bombay, East Indies, arm. Wadham Coll., matric. 14 Jan., 1806, aged 20.


Bellot, Charles Fillan, 2s. Lewis Frederick, of London, gent. Non-Coll., matric. 16 Oct., 1869, aged 19; B.A. 1874, curate of St. Paul, Covent Garden, 1886.

Bellot, Hugh Hale Leigh, o.s. William Henry, of Leamington Priors, co. Warwick, M.D. Trinity Coll., matric. 16 Oct., 1880, aged 18; B.A. 1884.

Bellow, Rev. William, 2s. John, of Adderbury, Oxon, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 10 Dec., 1863, aged 19; B.A. 1867, M.A. 1871.

Bellyse, Edwin Reginald, o.s. Edwin Swinfer, of Wybunbury, Cheshire, cler. Exeter Coll., matric. June, 1876, aged 20; B.A. 1881, M.A. 1883.

Belshaw, Barker, s. George, of St. Mar., White. Chap., Noting. (sic), gent. Brasenose Coll., matric. 28 Feb., 1726-7, aged 19.


Belson, Frederick, y.s. George John, of St. Margaret's, Rochester, arm. University Coll., matric. 28 April, 1826, aged 17; B.A. 1830.

Belson, George de Veulle, 1s. Henry George, of St. Helier's, Jersey, cler. New Inn Hall, matric. Oct., 1878, aged 18; St. John's Coll., B.A. 1881, M.A. 1885.

Belson, William Eveleigh, 1s. Henry Fage, of Rochester, Kent. Oriel Coll., matric. 27 Feb., 1845, aged 18; B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852, vicar of Lyneal with Colemere, Salop, 1874-84.

Belward, Rev. Henry Belward Moyse, s. Richard Moyse, of Yarmouth, Norfolk, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 30 March, 1811, aged 19; of Mettingham, Suffolk, took the additional name of Belward by royal licence 13 July, 1813, died 22 June, 1873.

Bellward, John, s. Jona., of Beccles, Suffolk, pleb. Christ Church, matric. 19 May, 1743, aged 17; B.A. 18 March, 1746-7.


Benbow, Edward, 3s. John, of St. George the Martyr, Queen's Square, London, arm. Pembroke Coll., matric. 6 March, 1823, aged 16; B.A. 1828, M.A. 1829, of Lincoln's Inn, 21 June, 1824.

Benbow, John Edward, 1s. John, of Cowley, Middlesex, arm. Merton Coll., matric. 9 March, 1878, aged 19.

Benbow, William, s. Thomas, of Wolverhampton co. Stafford, gent. Trinity Coll., matric. 7 Dec., 1732, aged 17; B.A. 1736.

Benbow, William Leonard, 4s. John, of Uxbridge, Middlesex, merchant. Christ Church, matric. Oct., 1882, aged 19; B.A. 1886.

Bence, Christopher Joseph Edmunson, 2s. Samuel, of Marshfield, Wilts, gent. Worcester Coll., matric. June, 1851, aged 23.


Bence, Henry Alexander Starkie, 1s. Henry of Thorington, Suffolk, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. 10 April, 1835, aged 18; B.A. 1839, of Thorington Hall, Suffolk, died 30 May, 1881.

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