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and the truth that is pointed out. It matters not what brings the truth to the mind and conscience so long as virtuous action follows the special truths that have been inculcated by the rite.

Let competent Masons remember where they first became Masons, though their eyes had not beheld or their minds conceived the beauties of a single Masonic rite. Yet having once seen and understood, their previous beliefs were shaped by the ritual, a plan of action given and the power of true faith confirmed.

Masons are thus taught that there is an inherent Masonry in men capable of becoming Masons and that there is an inductive Masonry into which inherent Masons are led, to be taught the special principles of Masonry by means of such rites as the experience and the wisdom of our ancient brethren have deemed as truly Masonic in the accepted sense.

What Is the Natural Masonry of the Red Man?

Whether our American Indians in their native life are capable of becoming Masons must be determined by an examination of their beliefs. Whether they have a form of inherent or natural Masonry must be determined by an examination of their fraternities and secret organizations. We must also make this examination if we are to discover whether or not they have an accepted Masonry built up through the practise of the rites that we observe.

The last proposition we may dismiss, for what means had the red man of knowing of the special rites of an order that up to 1717 was in a state of crystallization and evolution and whose lectures had not yet become fixed? A thorough examination will reveal that the Indians had