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St. Margaret

Christ gave proof of His divinity by His resurrection. St. Margaret, who suffered martyrdom in the year 284, was questioned by the pagan judge about the religion she professed. She answered that she was a Christian. “ Oh, how utterly foolish it is,” the judge exclaimed, “ to worship a man as if he were a god, — and such a man, too, who died the shameful death of the cross! ” “ Why do you always dwell upon the crucifixion of Christ and never speak of His resurrection? ” Margaret rejoined. ‘‘ His passion and death do, it is true, prove that He was man; His resurrection, on the other hand, proves Him to be God.”

Q. Is Jesus Christ more than one Person?

A. No, Jesus Christ is but one Divine Person.

The Divine Maternity of Mary

The whole doctrine of Christianity depends on the truth of the Incarnation, — that is, that in the single person of Jesus Christ the divine and human natures were united. The value of all His words and works, of all His teaching and example, of His life and sufferings and death, depend on the fact that He, one person, was both God and man. And that is why no other doctrine has been so much insisted on and so much assailed. Even in the time of the apostles, some heretics taught that Christ was not God; others, that he was God but not man; others, that His body was only a body in appearance; others,