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God Moves Slowly

A certain infidel based his denial of the existence of God on the fact that if God existed He would not delay in punishing the world’s great sinners. “Even my poor sense of justice would demand vengeance on their guilty heads, and that, too, immediately,” he said in arguing with a Christian friend; “ and if your God exists, surely His sense of justice ought to be keener than mine.” “Yes,” his friend rejoined, “but you and I are in a hurry because we feel that time — a short space of time — is the limit of our existence, but God can afford to take His time in the exercise of both His justice and His mercy, because the measure of His being is eternity.”

Q. How could they be saved who lived before the Son of God became man?

A. They who lived before the Son of God became man could be saved by believing in a Redeemer to come, and by keeping the Commandments,

The Fruit of the Promised Land

Moses, while still with the Israelites in the desert, sent two spies to view the Promised Land. On their return from their tour of investigation, they brought back in proof of the land’s richness an immense bunch of grapes Strung on a pole and so carried between them, one preceding, the other following. That cluster of grapes represents Christ on the cross; and he that went before personifies the saints of old, and he that followed typifies those who