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the whole ſyſtem of events to the beſt and nobleſt ends. It is that all-great and good Being whom alone I fear, and regard as the only ruler and guide of univerſal nature, whoſe mercy and goodneſs will prevent every evil from coming on me, by the direc- tion of his holy and wiſe Providence, which extends to and watches over the minuteſt of his works.

An Antidote to Superstition,

Part 2nd.

The SUPERSTITIOUS WIFE &c. with an excellent Way of fortifying the Soul againſt gloomy Preſages and Terrors of the mind.

Viſions, and magic ſpells, can you deſpiſe,
And laugh at witches, ghoſts, and prodigies?

GOING yeſterday to dine with an old acquaintance, I had the misfortune to find his whole family very much dejected. Upon aſking him the occaſion of it, he told me that his wife had dreamed a ſtrange dream the night before, which they were a- fraid portended ſome misfortune to them. ſelves or to their children. At her coming in- to the room I obſerved a ſettled melancholy in her countenance, which I ſhould have