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The Art of
or, the Delphic ORACLE of the Old Bailey
out of his reckoning for once.

Heav'n from all creatures hides the book of Fate,
All but the title page, preſcrib'd their preſent ſtate.

I Was lately prevailed upon by a female acquaintance, to accompany her to that Delphic Oracle of the great as well as ſmall vulgar, the famous fortune-teller in the Old-Bailey. Upon our entering the antichamber, or outer court, or whatever you pleaſe to call it, we found a large company of people, who were come hither on the ſame errand with ourſelves; but I believe, with a greater ſhare of credulity, and more ſerious intentions. As we were obliged to wait here a conſiderable time, before we could have the honour of being admitted into the penetrale, or inner-temple, of this hoary ſage, I had an opportunity of making my remarks on all theſe votaries of fortune; ſome of whom had already obtained an audience, whilſt the reſt were every moment expecting