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to the gloomy terror of dreams and fiery phantoms; and I myſelf have ſeen perſons, who begged their daily bread, and knew not where to find lodgings at night, pretend to unfold and diſcover the impenetrable ſecrets of divine Providence.

But in every age and nation, where learning has reared aloft her poliſhed head, where true philoſophy is cultivated, where common ſenſe is heard and liſtened to, there omens, apparitions, predictions, and black arts, are univerſally exploded, and juſtly derided; and the mad viſionary infatuation of monaſtic barbarity, is condemned to dwell in the diſmal cottages of dull ſtupidity, amazing folly and moping ignorance.

During thoſe happy days I ſpent at ſchool, I was a profeſſed devotee to good and ill omens. was the favourite of a worthy grandmother, who had ſeen fix monarchs ſway the Britiſh ſceptre. This ſagacious old world matron was a perfect miſtreſs in the ſcience of mantology, and could unfold all its myſteries, from the mean prognoſtics of tea-grounds, to the awful predictions of comets: ſhe could plainly foreſee all miſfortunes, from that of the breaking a China cup, to the death of princes and the diſſolution of kingdoms. She had all Satan's inviſible World by heart, and could repeat a thouſand ſtories of ghoſts, hobgoblins, and apparitions, which would make your hair