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The petitioner has undertaken before the Court on his own volition that he will not indulge in any political rally or political activity during his visit. The visit will solely be concerned with making an assessment of the impact of the present situation on the life of the daily wage earners, if any.
So far as prayers (2) and (3) of the writ petition are concerned, the State as well as, the Union of India will respond within two weeks hence."

8. When W.P. (C) No. 1031 of 2019, was listed on 16.08.2019, the matter was ordered to be tagged along with W.P. (C) No. 1013 of 2019 (five­Judge Bench) and was later de­tagged. On 16.09.2019, a Co­ordinate Bench of this Court ordered the following:

"The State of Jammu & Kashmir, keeping in mind the national interest and internal security, shall make all endeavours to ensure that normal life is restored in Kashmir; people have access to healthcare facilities and schools, colleges and other educational institutions and public transport functions and operates normally. All forms of communication, subject to overriding consideration of national security, shall be normalized, if required on a selective basis, particularly for healthcare facilities."

When the said writ petition was listed before this Bench on 01.10.2019, in light of expediency, this Bench directed that no further intervention applications shall be entertained. However, liberty was granted to file additional documents in support of applications for intervention. When the matter came up for