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Plate XXIV.

Fig. 1, 2, 3, 4, represent two old snuff boxes, of a very singular form, found some time ago under a stair-case in the Tower of London, in what is now Mr. Bellis's house. Exhibited by Colonel Smith, November 16, 1797.

The spoon still remains in one of them, fig. 5. One of them (fig. 3, 4,) has inscriptions in old French, one of which (fig. 3.), seems to be,

DON(Symbol missingsymbol characters)VR EVX QVI IY RCVRAIRE AVTANT.

Fig. 1, 2, is shewn in profile at fig, 6.

They exhibit also rude designs of stag-hunting, bull-baiting, &c.

Plate XXV.

A fac simile, communicated by Craven Ord, Esq. of the following inscription, taken from a stone now remaining in the east wall of the chancel of Great Bookham church, in Surry, and which commemorates its building in 1341 by John Rutherwych, then abbot of the monastery of Chertsey.

"Hec domus abbati fuerat constructa Johanne
de Rutherwyka, decus ob Sancti Nicholai
anno milleno, triceno, bisque viceno
primo. Christus ei paret hinc sedem requici."