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ONLY two biographies of Hübmaier have hitherto appeared. The earliest of these, by Dr. F. Hoschek, was written in Bohemian and published in Brünn in 1867. It is very valuable for the later years, and contains large extracts from the writings published at Nikolsburg. For the earlier years it is less trustworthy. An English translation of the text, omitting notes and illustrative matter, was made by Rev. W. W. Everts, D.D., and published in the Texas Baptist Historical Magazine for 1891 and 1892. The other biography, in German, is by Dr. Johann Loserth, Professor of History in the University of Czernowitz, and was published at Brünn in 1893. It has never been translated.

I have leaned heavily on these authorities, and gladly acknowledge constant and great obligations to them, especially to Loserth, but the great reliance has been upon the writings of Hübmaier himself. The collection of these in the library of