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the Rochester Theological Seminary is nearly complete, and this collection has been generously put at my disposal by the librarian, Rev. Howard Osgood, D.D., by whom it was first made many years ago. But for his assistance and counsel the study of these writings would never have been undertaken, and could not have been successfully prosecuted. A number of the booklets Dr. Osgood long ago translated, and he has permitted me to use these translations freely in this biography. Other of the works I have myself translated, and the pile of manuscript has grown to such proportions as to arouse the hope that at no distant day a volume of the works of Hübmaier may be published, which, if not absolutely a complete edition, will contain everything of importance that his pen wrote.

During the summer of 1904 was fulfilled a long-cherished purpose of visiting the principal scenes of Hübmaier's labours: Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Waldshut, Nikolsburg. As might be anticipated, few actual memorials now remain of labours so remote, and these few are much altered by decay or "restorations," and yet such a visit is by no means valueless. Most of the illustrations