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Berkshire Lady’s Garland.

Tune,⸻The Royal Forrester."

Bachelors of every station,
Mark this strange and true relation,
Which in brief to you I bring,
Never was a stranger thing.

You shall find it worth the hearing,
Loyal love is most endearing,
When it takes the deepest root,
Yielding charms and gold to boot.

Some will wed for love of treasure;
But the sweetest joy and pleasure
Is in faithful love you’ll find,
Graced with a noble mind.

Such a noble disposition,
Had this lady, with submission,
Of whom I this sonnet write,
Store of wealth and beauty bright.

She had left by a good grannum,
Full five thousand pounds per annum,
Whioh she held without controll;
Thus she did in riches roll.

Tho’ she had vast store of riches,
Which some persons much bewitches,
Yet she bore a courteous mind,
Not the least to pride inclin’d.

Many noble persons courted

This young lady, ’tis reported,