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But their labour prov’d in vain,
They could not her favour gain.

Tho’ she made such true resistance,
Yet by Cupid’s true assistance,
She was conquer’d after all.
How it was declare I shall.

Being at a noble wedding,
Near the famous town of Redding,
A young gentleman she saw,
Who belonged to the law.

As she view’d his sweet behaviour,
Every courteous carriage gave her
New additions to her grief;
Forc’d she was to seek relief.

Privately she then enquir’d,
About him so much admir’d,
Both his name and where he dwelt,
Such was the hot flames she felt.

Then at night this youthful lady,
Call’d her coach, which being ready,
Homeward straight she did return,
But her heart in flames did burn.


Night and morning for a season,
In her closet would she reason
With herself, and often said,
Why has love my heart betray’d?

I that have so many slighted,
Am at length so well requited,
For my griefs are not a few!
Now I find what love can do.