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Aboon my breath I daurna speak,
For fear I rouse your waukrife daddie;
Cauld's the blast upon my cheek;
O rise, rise, my bonny lady!

O are ye, &c.

She opt the door, she let him in,
He cuist aside his dreeping plaidie;
Blaw your warst, ye rain and win',
Since, Maggie, now I'm in aside ye.

Now since ye're waking, Maggie,
Now since ye're waking, Maggie,
What care I for howlets' cry,
For boortree bank, or warlock craigie


As I came by Loch-Erroch side,
The lofty hills surveying,
The water clear, the heather blooms,
Their fragrance sweet conveying,
I met, unsought, my lovely maid,
I found her like May morning;
With graces sweet, and charms so rare,
Her person all adorning.