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gress in those languages. At the desire of Mania Sidharajee, he undertook to translate the Mahabarut into Telugu, and completed fifteen volumes in a comparatively short space of time, he was possessed of a quick genius and a ready talent at versification, in addition to a critical knowledge of the Sanscrit language. For this performance, he obtained the grant of an extensive tract of land from the king, the greater part of the produce of which he expended in sacrifices, these religious acts procured for him the appellation of Tekkana Somayogi—this poet died universally lamented.


This poet was born in a village called Bhattu Palla in the district of Pulmendala, in the ceded districts he was a distinguished orator, and possessed a critical knowledge of the Sanscrit and Telugu dialects. As the poets of his time were greatly patronized by the Sovereigns of various provinces, Bhattu Murti chiefly confined his labours to versification in the vernacular tongue, and the harmony of his numbers were so much admired