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When in the naptiat rites, and holy hand
He grasp'd her jewels in his heav'nly band
May Seta's husband blessings e'er bestow
On Teramala Royas royal brow
With moon-like face from Which each science glcaiiK
With rub; lip* replete with Sacoh'rine stream a
Tromnhichthe boon of latent wiihea flows
And which rich fruits effsctnally bestows
With nectar-vitsed 1>reasts as pure as trulli
Abundant sourca of wealth and blooming youth
With arms lilte tendrils that ia shadowy bow'rs
Isdeck'd in beauty of unfading flon'rs
Bti was produced when Rama efforts tried
In Janaka's lacteous ocean wide
He Heri'a self while fierotly bending low,
Bentthe tough string to Itwar's mountuiu bow.
May that bright goddess cboicent blessings biiog
To Temmala Roya peerless king.

The Sister arts that yield harmonious sound
In music and in Poesy are found
The dulcet component cf tunes and verse
Each with her charms th' enraptur'd soul immerse
And whirl'd in circling eddies round and clear
Like Sarasati's fragrant breasts appear
May he who can (of lawful love the tests
Grasp with his palms those loscious budding breasts