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language, and a professor of rhetoric; he likewise possessed a tolerable knowledge of Sanscrit.—Having heard much of the patronage afforded by Krishna Royaloo, Ramlinga went to Anagondi in hopes of receiving the countenance of the king. As he had no friends to forward his views, our poet was obliged to ingratiate himself into the good graces of the inferior servants of the house-hold: he composed some verses on one of the female attendants of the queen named Bommedalli, which was a great panegyric on her, and at the same time he lavished abuses on any one who should make unfavorable comments on his versification. The merit of Ramlinga at length reached the ears of the king, who appointed him one of his Court poets. Tennala Ramlinga composed a poem called Pandaranga-Mahatma—Ramlinga was of a humorous character, and loved to play jokes on people, in order to raise a laugh against them—the guru of Tatachari was a very religious man, and was in the habits of visiting a cow-stall every morning as soon as he waked, and walked there