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actions by dashing her head on the ground and rolling on the floor, and various other deeds that shewed the poignancy of her affliction. A male Gundharva disguised himself like the bramin and coming to the female Gundharva passed himself off for Pravarakhya and enjoyed her: she discovered the trick when too late, but was determined to be revenged. The female Gundharva became pregnant, and was in due time delivered, and the child waxed great and became Swarachisha-manu the sovereign of Jambudweep. In the introduction to this work the poet takes an opportunity of expatiating on the valour of Krishna Roya, and describing his victories over his enemies, especially the Mahomedans.

Allasani Peddana composed another work called Ramastava Rajeyam, consistipg principally of the praises of Rama. In the fifty-fifth year of his age, he wrote a philosophical work entitled Adwaita Sedhantam, this work was written in the Telugu language. When Allasani Peddana was sixty years old he experienced