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he went to a tank to perform the usual ablutions and daily religious rites, his gold ring dropped from his finger into the water, he became vexed and uttered an imprecation that the water should be dried up entirely, and it is reported that in the course of four hours the tank became perfectly dry, and Bada Banala Bhatt picking up his ring returned home.

The writings of the above poet became very popular and was distributed in various quarters which procured for him the support and countenance of a great many petty sovereigns and rulers who esteemed him for his talents. He died at his own residence.


A celebrated poet and inhabitant of the Ceded districts, he was much respected by some powerful Palygars, by whose-orders he translated the "Raja Niti" or morality of Kings from Sanscrit into Telugu—the treatise comprises various subjects among which are: Fortification, the way to defend a town, on the mode of government, codes of laws, examination of coun-