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"Of unrefined sugar, got hj boiling;
"While a concretion of refined sugar,
"Does preseat th' interiors of bright Kanchi,
"Where the Great God, who mounts the bull, resides."

Avayar remained a virgin all her life and died, much admired for her talents in poetry, and arts and sciences.


This was one of the brothers of the before-mentioned poetess. Teruvallor is mentioned as his birth place, which was in the Chola country, he was brought up by a braman, and was educated in the TamuI language, which he very soon became master of. He composed a work, called Aghavar, which is a relation in verse of all the events of his own life, and that of his brothers and sisters, mentioning the places of their births and so forth.


This poet was another brother of Avayar, being like them exposed as soon as born, but brought up by the pariars of Mailapur. When