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teen that Pandrapore, having acquired the character of a very religious man.


Was a Maharata bramin and an inhabitant of Arani, which is situated eighty seven miles west of Madras, he flourished during the time of Suttulla Khawn, Nawaub of Arcot, and was employed at the court of Arani Raja. Subhanrow received a good education in his infancy, and led a religious life. When twenty fire years of age he made use of the Jotishpati oil, to acquire a quick genius, and it gave him a voracious appetite. He obtained two villages from his employers, by the produce of which he satisfied the cravings of his hunger. He was sent as a vakeel Tanisha to Hyderabad, and by his good management effected the object of his mission; he, moreover, by exhibiting proofs of valor to the sovereign, obtained valuable presents, with which he returned home. It is said, he was a votary of Hanuman, and composed one hundred verses on the marriage of Rama and Sita; he lived to a good old age, and died at Arani. The above