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journal, and wrote some poems in Sanscrit and Telugu, be likewise collected a great many literary materials to elucidate the history of India. While at Ellore, he displayed his skill in mechanism and knowledge in the arts and sciences, and obtained the admiration of his townsfolks, who highly esteemed him on account of his sweet temper and unimpeachable character. When, his employer returned to the Peninsula from the expedition, Boriah accompanied him to the survey, they had been formerly employed upon.

In the year 1798 Boriah accompanied his master in the campaign against Tippo Sultan, and kept a poetical journal of the route, till he reached Gadewa, a petty zemindarry in the Nizam's dominions. It happened once that his employer's official papers were plundered by marauders of that zemindarry, and Boriah was deputed to recover it; in endeavouring to do this, he was confined in prison, and denied food by the zemindar, and very harshly treated at first, but owing to his conciliatory behaviour, and some affecting poetry that he composed, he was able to soften the obdurate heart of that chieftain, so that he not